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This is a new thread for the people from our Due in November 2020 birth club, who have given birth to an equally lovely baby, or are expecting any time now.

If you've not been part of the Due in November 2020 birth club thread so far, but have a baby born around then, feel free to post and join in. 

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  • Hello Ladies, hope we're all well and congratulations to the new arrivals.  Miss Mallory is now 15 days old, gained 8 ounces since birth and just feeding like a monster. We're off to the specialist jaundice clinic today as her levels are still quite high for her age! I'm hoping it's just prolonged jaundice and not anything to do with her liver..poor girl! She's already had 2 lots of blood taken becasue of it on top of the heel prick and I know she's got to have more bloods today and they will want a urine sample. She's also got a scan booked for when she's 6 weeks, needs a scan on her hips because she turned breech after 36 weeks but the midwife has no concerns about that, they just have to follow protocol. 

    Hope all babies and mums are keeping well.. ❤

  • @ExcentricT that is the most gorgeous pic! Glad you sound on top of things with the jaundice and they're checking out her hips. How you managing otherwise? 
  • Hi everyone, sorry we're having a bit of a rollercoaster ride this week and havn't actually been home yet. 

    Birth was incredible and natural and  everything I wanted. Evan has been a bit poorly however so we're in hosp receiving treatment. Will update you all at some point.

    Congrats to all the new babies!! 🥰
  • @DanielleMFM yeah, we're getting there. Its still a massive change from just having the one child 😐😅 but he's the best big brother too her, even if he is still a little unsure 😅 Wasnt the news we were after on Wednesday,  he liver levels are classed as abnormal so having to go back on this following Wednesday for more bloods and to discuss what could be causing it and what our next move is! But we'll see how it goes. 

    @Rainbows01 sorry to hear little Evan has been poorly! Hoping the treatment starts to kick in and you get to be home very soon! ❤
  • Ahh im sorry to hear the babes are poorly @ExcentricT  and @Rainbows01  I hope you’re both ok
    and the little ones make Full recoveries. 
    We are hoping to get home tomorrow. Bella is just waiting for infection markers to come back. If clear we can go. X

  • Enjoying every snuggle with her. 

    Good luck @teeteee with your induction today x
  • WLJ said:

    Enjoying every snuggle with her. 

    Good luck @teeteee with your induction today x
    Look at that big girl🥰🥰🥰so cute!

    I also had a big baby, turns out the sonar mismeasured, so she was 8,984 instead of 7,055.

    @e@ExcentricT that outfit is everything!!! Beautiful princess, I also need to do my fair share of girlie outfits, since we only found out th gender at birth, everything of hers is nuetral🥱

    Hope everyone is doing ok with ur little ones @R@Rainbows01 😘

    I'm just having some troubles breastfeeding. Day 5 and not a drop of milk, mind we try every single day, and nothing💔

  • Ahh @First-time-mommy keep trying. Does baby latch and try? Lots of skin to skin I’m sure you’re doing already. Was it natural delivery? I know c section can hinder milk We will be in hosp for another 5 days. She’s got an infection. Probably my strep B. So they are covering her. Failed lumbar puncture. So extra stay for longer course of antibiotics x
  • @WLJ how is she today?

    Yes, it was natural. Th head had crowned when both th midwife & mom realized th doctor had been wrong about her size, so they helped to hold my legs back while i pushed her out, not knowing she was a big baby till she got to th scale. She latches well and she hasn't given up on th boob yet. Hoping to see some drops soon. Still dry.

    So sorry to here about th Isabella's infection, how are u holding up? She looks like a little fighter, she will be alright soon and ul both be back home so she can bond with big sister 🌸

  • Joshua Tobias, born 23:11 15/11/2020 weighing 9lb4.5oz
  • Huge congratulations @MrsBeeL he is beautiful 😍Are you home yet? And how are you feeling? 
  • @MrsBeeL huge congratulations! He’s gorgeous. How are you doing? What happened in the end? What a fab weight too. Amazing. Well done you xx

    @First-time-mommy we are good. Still in hosp until next Thursday at least. Finishing this course of antibiotics. Bella is great though and you wouldn’t think anything was wrong. X
  • @First-time-mommy how’s the milk doing?
  • Hi mommies, hope we are all well and th babies are all doing good 🥰

    She will be fine. I'm sad she has to go through that but happy she is well🤸🏿‍♀️hope u are also good, are u allowed any visitors?
    After a week I have little colostrum drops. I'm happy there's progress though Really slow
  • Morning everyone, how are you all doing? You guys on hospital, how you managing? Are you allowed any visitors or is it all lockdown? 
  • Morning everyone, how are you all doing? You guys on hospital, how you managing? Are you allowed any visitors or is it all lockdown? 
    I tried to post an update on here but it said it needed to be approved first. I think most of us are on the other group so would’ve seen it there though. 

    We’re still in. no visitors allowed for us at all. Hubby had to
    leave as soon as we left the delivery suite after labour. 
    Today the midwife looked after Joshua so I could run down to the the car park and hug my daughter and hubby and collect chocolate and more nappies from him! Was a very lovely 3 minutes! 
    Just want to get home now and start getting to know him. He’s in an incubator so no cuddles for us 😩
  • Hi ladies. Sorry I’ve not responded or updated. We are still in hospital, but I have a moment to let you know what happened and what’s happening! 

    I went in to MAU on Saturday as although I felt not bad, my bp reading at home was high. 
    I was admitted and told I needed an induction the next day, late afternoon. They ran bloods and they came back positive for pre eclampsia and my induction was then moved to the next available slot. 
    I was induced at lunch time and 9 hours 45 minutes later Joshua was born! Very quick active labour, over stimulated uterus and my bp kept shooting up the whole time. 
    Afterwards Joshua was affected by the medication I am on for the bp and his blood sugars took 20 hours to stabilise. 
    Then a couple of hours later he suddenly because very jaundice, started spiking temperatures and not feeding well. 
    He’s now in an incubator with uv lights, on iv antibiotics and regular blood tests! 
    He is utterly gorgeous and a little warrior, but it’s hard not being able to cuddle him and bond with him as usual. 

    I’m still being treated for pre eclampsia/ high bp but it is slowly settling. 

  • Hi @MrsBeeL - apologies about that, your posts got filtered out, but i've sorted that for you now. Joshua looks amazing, so fingers crossed you will al be home soon. Any ideas when that might be? 
  • Morning everyone, how are you all doing? You guys on hospital, how you managing? Are you allowed any visitors or is it all lockdown? 
    Hey Dani we wasn’t allowed any visitors  in our hospital Tunbridge Wells but birth partners could stay the whole time which was my only concern was so grateful! ☺️🎉
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