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  • @LouTTC83
    Aw such an adorable little boy. 
    That's so great your still breastfeeding, well done you! I am too and love it although Layth totally refuses to drink from any other source. 
    I went for a promotion at work and was successful so had a full training day. First time I had ever left him. His Dad tried him with the bottle we have, 3 different types of cups and a cup with a straw and he said he just screamed and wouldn't take any of them. 
    I give him a cup of water everyday but he just plays with it or chews the spout!! Am not quite sure what to do when I return to work because he went 9.5hrs that day and never drank a thing until I came home. 
    Layth is standing up and cruising holding on to things. He opens drawers and takes things out but he's very good and puts them back in too haha! 
    I have started Christmas shopping and hoping to have my Mum and Step-dad over. DH will be home for the first time in 4yrs so really looking forward to it xx
  • @winter2020
    Fionn is a cutie, he's got little curls appearing how lovely. 
    That's amazing he is starting to talk. Layth says Mama, Dada , baba nothing else. 
    Can't believe our boys are turning 1 soon it's past in a flashy. What are you planning for his birthday? 
    How is your wrist have you found out the cause of it yet? x
  • MissM2203 said:

    Oh he's the absolute cutest 😍 

    We're planning a small party with a winter "onederland" theme with just family/godparents over. Can't believe how big our boys are getting 😭

    My wrists are a lot better now thank you! It was lingering carpal tunnel brought on by the weight gain and water retention of pregnancy. Once I lost the weight my wrists went back to normal! I still get the odd muscle cramp but it's so much better! 

    How are you all finding weaning? Especially with babas that are dairy free? 
  • @winter2020
    thats a genius idea for his birthday.... I feel I want to copy it 😀

    That's good your wrist is much better, you must be relieved.
    Did you manage to lose weight ok? I am really struggling this time around. Hoping once am no longer breastfeeding i manage to lose the last few pounds.

    I am finding am being quite repetitive with his diet because so many things contain soya or dairy. He does eat what he's given but I feel he's not got such a wide variety as my girls had. Am so paranoid I give him something that has hidden ingredients in it so I tend to just stick to what I know is fine for him.
  • @MissM2203 congratulations on your promotion. When did you say you were going back? How many days a week? I have been giving Rory the odd bottle of water but he just plays with it, I have tried a 360 style cup today which he tried to suck the bottom 🙈 he seems to drown himself with a tommee tippee cup, he likes playing with sports type bottles so might try one of those 🤷
    I was so keen to get to 6 months breastfeeding but got there and didn't want to stop. So I thought 1 is a good age to stop... But now that seems too close 😳
    I am also struggling to lose weight. I work evenings when kids are in bed and I snack :( 

    @winter2020 Fions birthday sounds fab and glad your wrists are feeling better. I tried baby led weaning but got paranoid Rory wasn't eating enough so I feed him a lot of pouches. I hate mealtimes just now, my two year just doesn't want to eat ANYTHING I make. 

    I had an awful day yesterday, by daughter just tantrummed and whined at everything. I feel like I did nothing but shout at her. By mid day when she refused to eat her lunch, I was in tears at the table :( then she had a poo on the potty at tea time and jumped off the potty and started frog hopping around the room, poo was everything, I got so annoyed with her and been feeling mum guilt ever since :( xx
  • @LouTTC83
    Aww isn't Mum guilt awful? 
    We have all been there so don't punish yourself too much. 

    Thank you, the interview was quite tough and I didn't think I did well at all so was shocked when I got the call to say I had a post. I go back at the start of January although I was hoping to get started before that but it's not looking likely at the moment. I have chosen to do just over 18hrs a week but because I do 12hr shifts that works out as a pattern of 2,2,1 over 3 weeks.

    Layth does the exact same with a Tommee tippee cup just soaks himself with it and vigorously shakes it all over the place. He absolutely hates if I try and help him with it.

    How often does Rory feed? I feel like Layth has increased his day feeds again. He is still feeding during the night it's so exhausting but no matter how much I try not to let him on for a feed he won't settle until I give in.
    He does sleep in his cot now but I wish he would sleep for at least 6hrs but he's often still up every 2hrs.
    I fed my last daughter for 14 months and only gave up due to going back to work. I remember feeling very sad that I had to stop so I think I will just carry on feeding him for as long as I can but fear once am back to work the same will happen sadly xx

  • Mum guilt is terrible, 

    That's a nice amount of hours. Mine will be 22.5 hours once I have used my holidays up, working from home so plan for both kids to be in nursery two days a week and to get in at least 18 hours those days then catch up with queries one or two nights a week. 

    Rory will be 13 months when he starts nursery, be good if I could still do night and morning feeds for a while after that but think two long days at nursery will probably bring breastfeeding to an end. It's a good age but still so sad. Rory sleeps from 8pm to 5am, usually only waking up once, sometimes my hubby can settle him. I bet you are exhausted x
  • @LouTTC83
    Have you always worked from home or has it changed since Lockdown began? 
    I don't think I would be disciplined enough I would get easily distracted by something 🤣

    I cannot imagine not breastfeeding him. I love it always have loved the closeness of it and the fact that it's something we can do for our babies that nobody else can. I am so not ready to give it up even tho am absolutely shattered. My work will accommodate me expressing during my shift but I just really worry about him going almost 14hrs with no fluids. My shifts are 12.5hrs and it's about 40 mins drive each way. It's such a long time. 

    How is your day going so far? Everything better than yesterday I hope  xx
  • @MissM2203 my job changed when I got back from maternity with my daughter in Jan 20 so I had to travel further and I just do accounts so was usually stuck in a backroom taking my laptop in with me then with Covid I had to work at home and it's easier, I have a desk setup. I can start work straight away, no travelling or setup to worry about and hubby takes kids to nursery on way to work. I will have to try and be disciplined. I am easily distracted lol.
     That is a long day for you.

    Today is calm with Emily at nursery 🤣 Rory has fallen asleep on me on sofa and we are just cuddling ❤️ he is such an easy baby. We are going to a baby group soon. How is your day? Xx
  • @LouTTC83
    Sounds ideal actually how your set up and you save on fuel etc having to travel to work. You must be very clever with numbers having to do accounts! 

    Aww snuggles really are the best aren't they. That's amazing sleep that Rory has, did he settle better in his own room? I wish I could say Layth was an easy baby but he's not really. He's very very clingy he would have me carry him around all day and cries when put down quite a lot. It is his terrible sleeping tho that's the hardest. He just never ever gets into a deep sleep. He's like that during the day too I don't know how he manages to be awake so long! 

    I am having a good day so far just been out for my 10000 step daily walk with the dogs not that it's making any difference to shifting these last stubborn pounds!! Mind you coming home and having soup and a wrap probably defeated the entire purpose 😳

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