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  • @Emmy012 oh love I'm sorry to hear you're going through baby blues 😞 hopefully you'll start feeling better soon! We've finally started getting sleep in the cot, he was a bit colicky but a little infacol sorted it. We've found a lump on his neck tonight so we're in with the doctor getting that checked in the morning. It's mine and hubby's anniversary today as well so it's brilliant timing 😭 just praying it's benign and bubba is okay. He's finally cleared the jaundice and is now 7lbs 6oz. It's amazing how fast they grow 😭
  • @winter2020 oh gosh I hope the lump isn't anything serious.
    The baby blues got me when my milk came in, just bouts of mostly happy tears and the occasional sad weep when tired. I actually feel much better despite the little one keeping us awake half the night. He wouldn't settle at all other than next to me so it was a long one! I'm hoping he naps a bit today so I can too or I'll be falling asleep in my Christmas dinner tomorrow!
    It's been so sad having my family drop presents off and only been able to hold him up to the window but it's what must be done for the moment. I can't wait until they can all have a cuddle and I can have visitors again. 
  • Just want to wish all you beautiful Mummy's and Mama's to be a very merry Christmas! 
    I know this year may not be the same as it usually is but I hope you all have a great day.
    I feel very emotional I don't have DH here for our boys first Christmas but at the same time I know I am blessed with my children.
    It's snowing outside, my baby boy is snuggling into me and we are watching miracle on 34th street!! 
    It does feel a lot like Christmas!!
    Love to you all 💕
  • Happy Christmas Eve lovelies ❤️❤️❤️ Hope Santa is good to you all and you all have an amazing day ❤️
  • NJRNJR Regular
    edited Dec 25, 2020 4:02PM
    Merry Christmas Ladies.
    Can now join this thread as my gorgeous baby boy was born yesterday on Christmas Eve at 5.30am on my living room floor!! 
    Still in absolute shock but so in love 💙
    Wishing you all a lovely day x

  • @NJR
    oh my goodness, this birth story I need to hear when you have time! 
    Huge congratulations what a lovely gift to get on Christmas Eve your beautiful baby arriving.
    Have a magical day and enjoy all the cuddles!
    Merry Christmas x
  • @NJR oh congratulations darling and a bug welcome to the thread! I can't wait to read that birth story, it sounds absolutely amazing! Congratulations on your gorgeous boy mama!
  • Congratulations @njr!! 
  • Congratulations @NJR.

    Merry Christmas everyone. 

    Rory doesn't really sleep well in the Moses basket, we sleep in shifts and have accepted that he is being held most of the time, lol. 
    I had him in a sling yesterday feeding whilst i ate my dinner. It worked quite well. After a slow start gaining weight, Rory really looks like he is growing well :) xx
  • Ladies I think Fíonn could be teething 🤔 he has four white spots: two on his lower gums and two on his upper. One of his upper gums has dropped and there seems to be a corner already cut through. Anyone have any teething remedies for a two nearly three week old
  • @winter2020, some people swear by the amber bracelets. Other than that I am not sure what you can use when baby is so young... I always used calpol and anbesol but can't use these until they are older xx
  • @winter2020 it's very early for teething, are you sure they're not ulcers on his gums? I could be wrong but I didn't think teething started until 4 months at the earliest?

    How's everyone doing with sleep? Dylan is awake and roudy between 2am and 7am, it's tiring! Still hates his cot and the dark 😂 but he's a complete dream the rest of the time ang piling on the weight. 
  • @Emmy012 there's definitely a sharp bit poking through one of his gums, we're not entirely sure if he is teething but he seems to be heading that way. I know I got my first tooth very early on. Fíonn still hates sleeping on anything that's not me at night but we're slowly getting stints of him sleeping in the basket at night. Both mine and ohs mums have finally met him with every precaution taken and they both absolutely adore him. He's been absolutely spoiled and I couldn't be happier. Had his two week check up today and it went perfect. I've been given anti inflammatory tablets as my carpal tunnel is still very bad and flaring to the point where my wrist locks, but good news is that should ease soon. Glad to hear Dylan is piling on the weight 💙
  • Great news re Dylan’s weight @Emmy012 - we’re back at midwife tomorrow and I’m nervous about weight as I’ve been struggling with feeding this week. Ralph is super congested and isn’t managing long feeds. But lots of wet and dirty nappies and I’ve used a nasal spray today and his breathing whilst feeding right now sounds better 🤞🏻

    Have signed up to a couple of baby classes in the new year which is exciting!
  • @RememberToBreathe aww how's he getting on? It's been so cold! I hope Ralph is feeling better.
    We weighed Dylan last night and it said 8lbs 6! He was just under his birth weight two weeks ago after losing 6.1% so I think it's safe to say he's enjoying his milk.

    I'm going to have a look at classes in the new year, see if anything opens near me but I'm not hopeful!

    Were having the odd good night with Dylan sleeping but the odd exhausting night where he refuses to settle between 3 and 7am. He's getting better with his cot though. I'm trying to out him in it during the day for a nap here and there.

    Anyway, happy new year ladies, I hope you're cuddling your babies and enjoying your evening. Hopefully next year will be better for everyone x
  • Happy new year! 

    @RememberToBreathe, Rory has been congested since we had him, we use saline drops that only help a little bit we have also bought a humidifier that is in our living room. I have noticed he is much worse in the night, poor little thing :( 

    Rory still doesn't sleep well, we have adjusted our sleep routine and still sleep in shifts so we function well but would be lovely to have some kind of routine where we can both go to bed together. 

    @Emmy012, I was hoping to start some baby groups too, been on a couple of lists for quite a long time, hoping to do some that siblings can go together. Looks like they will be shutting again with the new restrictions. I used to take my little girl swimming regularly too but that all stopped in March, seems such a long time ago. 

    Can't believe Rory is 1 month old today xx
  • Hello! How is everyone? I see all mamas of December babies are busy with their little ones 🥰 Same here! My daughter is doing great, she is calm and patient, and when she has her moments, she always relaxes on my chest, that makes me feel like I have some superpower ☺️
    Unfortunately I had fever for the past few days, I suspect it's a bladder infection but I still need to have it confirmed 😔
  • SIAI said:
    Hello! How is everyone? I see all mamas of December babies are busy with their little ones 🥰 Same here! My daughter is doing great, she is calm and patient, and when she has her moments, she always relaxes on my chest, that makes me feel like I have some superpower ☺️
    Unfortunately I had fever for the past few days, I suspect it's a bladder infection but I still need to have it confirmed 😔
    Oh sorry to hear that love! We have a sick bubba here, mixture of head cold, colic and reflux. He seems to be doing much better today thankfully. Been diagnosed with postnatal depression so just waiting for my appointment to see what treatment plan I'll be given. 

    How's everyone doing?
  • Hey All! 
    Hope your all doing okay.

    I'm just about recovered from the shock of my unexpected home birth on Xmas eve! Can't believe my boy is already 2 weeks old. Been such a good little man until past few days his gone backwards. Won't settle unless on my chest so I'm pretty tired. 

    My due date was 22nd and i had a sweep at 3pm that day. Nothing happened that day and I wasn't hopeful. I started to lose my plug on the 23rd in big chunks but otherwise felt 'normal'. I woke up at 3.25am Christmas Eve with contractions, they were manageable and I stayed in my bedroom unsure if it was just a false alarm. My husband woke 15mins later and I said I thought this was it. We went downstairs and started to time them. At 4.15am I called the midwife and told her that i was having contractions 4mins apart but only about 30seconds long and they were very strong in my back. She told me that I was speaking to her 'very well' through them so she thought i was okay, to take some paracetamol have a bath and wait till they were longer!! Well I took 2 paracetamol but did not have a bath as I didn't want to wake my daughter. Only 30mins later (4.45am) I called back saying I couldn't cope I had to come in she reluctantly said okay shall we say you'll be here by 6am. I was pretty miffed at her tone and thought I'd be there way before that thanks! By 5.10am I new I wasn't going to make it. My mum still hadn't got to me for childcare and I called back to say I could feel him coming. They called me an ambulance and stayed on the phone talking me through it. Asking hubby what he could see. He was pretty stunned so i asked for the mirror under me I could see my water sack bulging out. I had well woke my daughter up by this point so hubs called my dad who lives closer but starts work super early, luckily we caught him just as he was getting into his car and he came straight over to watch her upstairs. My mum arrived and I gave birth to babies head minutes later. 2 ambos turned up and I literally pushed him out seconds after 4 paramedics rocked up in my living room. 5.30am on the dot he was born. The paramedic burst my waters as he was still in them after I'd pushed his head out. The whole experience is pretty unbelievable to be honest. My carpet has taken 2 weeks to clean. I never realised how much mess a placenta makes. I had only a couple towels and my dressing gown under me. It all happened so fast and I never expected to give birth at home. I think my husband thought we would go in the ambo and give birth in it or at hospital, he never really realised the severity.
    I feel you probably have to see it to believe it but all true! 

    9lb 3oz. Spent whole day in hosp, i fainted twice. Needed stitches etc. Managed to get home to leave milk out for Santa and read my daughter the Xmas book. Then a very lazy Xmas day. 

    Sorry that's a long one!
  • Hi all, didn't know this thread is existing. Just stumbled on it today. Hope everyone is well with their bubbas? Happy new year 
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