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  • Hey ladies,  @MissM2203 glad Layth is recovering well n hope everyone else is okay.  @RememberToBreathe i do fel something slightly poking out sometimes . Being careful when lifting heavy  objects n doing my pelvic floor exercises.  I have my postnatal check 4th Feb,  hoping it will be better . Was hoping to be free of aunt flo for a bit .... 5 weeks postpartum n already 1st cycle 🤯
  • @Vey are you breast feeding? I'm dreading the first AF but no signs yet thankfully.
    Bleeding is almost gone now from birth which I'm glad about, slowly feeling myself again despite the jiggly belly 😂
    Has anyone has success getting a EBF baby to take a bottle well at night? I'm expressing each day for OH to do a bottle feed at night so I can get a bit more sleep and so far he's been screaming and windy afterwards and appears to still be hungry despite taking 3oz! He's 5 weeks old and really does enjoy his milk. With EBF I have no idea how much he's taking but he feeds well every 2-3 hours. 
  • @Emmy012 I feel you on the jiggly belly 😂

    What bottle are you using? I’ve got I’ve that’s specifically anti wind / colic which is ok and Ralph hasn’t had any wind issues after it. It’s made by Nuby x 

    Ralph polished off 3oz the other evening and then went straight on the boob for half an hour! How much are you managing to express each day?

  • @Vey, he is doing ok thank you. Still poorly and feeding not going as well but persevering. 
    The cough and congestion isn't clearing much and he seems in pain so he is being urgently referred to a specialist 
    How are you and your Baby doing? 
    Wow a cycle already that's mad. I also haven't had a pn check up yet. 

    Hope everyone else is ok. I have been having a bit of a rough time with Layth. Feeding is a hit or a miss and he's so unsettled and unhappy it's sad to not be able to help him. 
    He is on omeprazole and I have gone dairy free to see whether he has an intolerance to cows milk and silent reflux. 

    Neither of my girls would look at a bottle but I left it too late to introduce one to them. I was hoping to try and have Layth using now and again but I expressed and we tried and he screamed the house down. 
    How are you and Ralph getting on? 
  • @MissM2203 I’m so sorry to hear that Layth isn’t 100% - you’re doing an amazing job! Do you have any help with the girls? 

    Ralph is doing well thank you thiugh we had a bad night. He’s always been quite loud with grunting but last night was something else and after going down in his crib at 2 after a feed he half woke at 3 making the most awful noises. Sounded like he could barely breathe at times. I kept trying to soothe and settle him but he’s only settle on me so that’s how we slept. I’ve got a saline spray so I’ll use that because he might be congested again x
  • @MissM2203 I'm so sorry he's still poorly love 😞 I hope it all clears up soon.

    @Emmy012 & @RememberToBreathe while I'm not breastfeeding so can't help in that aspect but Fíonn can take up to 5oz a feed. Could it be that Dylan is still hungry? Like @RememberToBreathe says I have the Tommy tippee anti-colic bottles and find that he's not as windy as he was with other bottles. I find on nights where he's very windy a few drops of colief really helps.

    @Vey I feel you with af. Pp bleeding stopped over a week ago but in the last day or so I've started spotting and having the awful cramps I always got with my period 😭 really not looking forward to her coming in full force
  • @Emmy012, I am breastfeeding. Because of weight gain issues at the start I was topping him up with formula for the first two weeks which he took well. 
    I have occasionally expressed a bottle for my hubby during the day to give him at night but it doesn't really settle him or satisfy him, so now I go to bed at with my daughter and hubby brings Rory up for a feed after a few hours then takes him downstairs again for a couple of hours then I take over. He will NOT settle in his cot. It's starting to get me down now :( he is 7 weeks old today. 

    @MissM2203 sorry you are still having a tough time :( 
    @RememberToBreathe my little boy is congested a lot, he sounds like a little piggy, bless him.

    Sorry I don't get in here as often now, I am usually exhausted I usually struggle to focus on the screen 😂💕

  • @LouTTC83 he's just gorgeous 😍

    This is my little man smiling away last week. He's completely out of his newborn clothes now 😭
  • That's a huge problem for Layth ladies the congestion!!!! 
    The sounds he makes and the choking whilst trying to feed is horrendous... 
    I can never lay him flat on his back either. 
    He still has a bad cough and that rattling chest it's so awful that it's taking so long to clear. 
    @winter2020 @LouTTC83
    so lovely to see your babies, they are just gorgeous! 
    I don't get on much either as time just fits by it's crazy
    DH got home a few days ago, am so relieved but he's only home for a week or 10 days but it's better than nothing 
  • @LouTTC83 @winter2020 gorgeous boys ❤️
    I weighed Dylan yesterday and he's now 9lb 6oz at 5 weeks 4 days old and has outgrown his newborn clothes too. 

    He will take a bottle but he's just very gassy after and even though its expressed milk he seems hungry after too! 
    We have the same issue where he won't settle in his cot still so sleeping in shifts with OH waking me every few hours to feed, I get a bit more sleep if he takes a bottle. We've been using his pram cot when he falls asleep downstairs to get him used to laying flat at night which seems to work he will now sleep stretches In that so hopefully when he starts to go longer between feeds we can transition him back to his cot in our room. We're both exhausted 😩

  • Here he is 💙 8 weeks today 
  • MissM2203 said:

    Here he is 💙 8 weeks today 
    Gorgeous boy!
  • Aw @MissM2203, what a gorgeous little boy, just look at those chubby little cheeks and legs. 

    @winter2020, what a cutie and look at that smile 💕 xx
  • Aww @MissM2203 he's absolutely stunning xx
  • Gorgeous boys xx I'm alright though exhausted,  hubby is working from home which helps sometimes.  A bit overwhelming to keep the house tidy , homeschooling the older siblings n look after a clingy baby at times . She's worth the trouble though . She is sleeping in patches still, here was the odd fluke where she slept for 8hour after taking 6 oz formula.  Seems to be working to breastfeed by day till bedtime then bottle only between 2300 n 0700 as that kind off gives us 3-4hrs continuous sleep 
  • @MissM2203 so gorgeous!!

    Here is a nearly 6 week old Dylan having milk enduced nap 😊

  • @MissM2203 @Emmy012 what gorgeous boys! 

    Here is my chunky monkey...

    He’s six weeks today and was weighed by the health visitor. He’s 10lb 2oz 💪🏼💙
  • @Emmy012 @RememberToBreathe
    oh my gosh look at those scrumptiously gorgeous babies! 
    Can't believe how much our babies are all growing 

  • @Emmy012 and @RememberToBreathe, what gorgeous boys ❤️
    My little man was only 8lb 15oz at his 6 week weigh in but he looks like a little chunk to me.

    Rory is such a drooly baby, are anyone else's little ones the same? X
  • @LouTTC83 awww bless him! No drool yet but he does like to drench me in milk when I'm least expecting it. Pretends he's still feeding when in fact he's half asleep and dribbling it slowly down my bra and top 😂
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