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2 months old baby vomits in between feed at night

Hello beautiful ladies. i bottle fed my baby who's born on 11th jan of this year. I feed her every 2.5 to 3 hours during day and she had no issues but recently i have noticed when i feed her in middle of the night sometimes she threw up the milk in between the feed. For eg if i feed her at 1:30 am she is in deep sleep so i wake her up by changing diapre or taking off her 1st layer (bodysuit) but some days during feed she threw up the milk,the vomit looks like in milk form not curdled milk. Should i stop feeding her in middle of the night ? or is it something like reflux? Pleasse help.


  • If she's healthy and putting on weight well and you have no concerns then it sounds fine to let her sleep through if she's not waking for night feeds. 

    I've not heard of situations where a baby only refluxes/vomits up their night feed though. Babies can often be dream fed (fed a bottle without waking at all), and that doesn't seem to cause any issues. 

    Have you spoken to your health visitor to get their advice? If I was worried they'd probably be the first person I'd call.
  • @Curiosity101 thanks for your suggestion. I have an appointment next week for myself and her with gp as 6-8 weeks appointment. Will put this question for sure. Maybe she give something for reflux.
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