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Reflux or allergy?

My daughter is nearly 12 weeks old and is exclusively breast fed. From 2 weeks old she has struggled badly with wind, tummy pains and sleeping. First we tried infacol and it didn't work. We then tried gripe water and she was still unsettled. After a GP appointment they suggested silent reflux, we tried gaviscon for 2 weeks but it constipated her so much that she was in 10x more pain than before although it did seem to settle her tummy. She then started to refuse to take the gaviscon and it was a battle to try and get it into her at every feed. She has now been on omeprazole for nearly 3 weeks and it just seems like we are back to square one all over again, she isn't great at taking this either. After a phone call with the GP he suggested she may have a cows milk protein allergy, which will be discussed further after an appointment this week. Im hoping to find someone who has expereied similar symptoms that my little girl is experiencing and what it turned out to be for them. Im just so fed up watching my baby be in pain constantly 😩

Some of her symptoms would include;

* Bad wind, really struggling to bring it up
* Disturbed sleep
* Bowel movements are the consistency of water
* Unlatching during feedings
* Arching her back and pulling her legs up during and after feeds

* Constant gurgling and churning in her stomach which seems to be painful for her. This will go on all day, even after passing wind and bowel movements. Her stomach just sounds like a washing machine and I am becoming concerned about the possibility of an allergy. This seems to be what is bothering her the most 😕

Do you think it could be an allergy or intolerance?


  • I don't person have any experience but maybe @RememberToBreathe @MissM2203 or @Emmy012 could help??
  • @winter2020 ❤️

    @DanielleH - I went dairy free for a few weeks after I stopped gaviscon because it just made my little one constipated and he seemed to stop being quite so windy and sicky. But I have to say I’ve reintroduced dairy and he’s no worse then ever on the wind front and sometimes he does nothing but throw up all day so I think I need to take the plunge again!
  • Thanks @winter2020 for alerting this post x


    Hey how are you doing? Exhausted and stressed with it all I imagine? 
    I honestly could have written that post myself a few months back.
    Everything you have said I experienced but it WILL get better I promise.
    Gaviscon is vile, don't know why they prescribe it, my baby was changed to Omeprazole and I follow a strict dairy free diet.
    Its not an immediate cure but within a week things improved and by 3 weeks I had a different baby.
    I definitely know that cutting out all dairy was the right thing to do, it takes time getting used to it and checking all the labels etc but it's so worth It.
    Omeprazole is just given once per day and so much easier than the carry on with gaviscon.
    I kept my baby upright as much as I could until things started to improve and I used a sling and just kept persevering with breastfeeding even tho he was on and off and fussing.
    Please feel free to pm me anytime, I honestly know how frustrated and tired your feeling and the fact you just want your baby to get better.
    I hope this helps a little, definitely get your GP to give omeprazole 
  • @DanielleH
    Goodness me just read your post properly (trying to organise 2 girls for school and nursery)and I apologise I didn't read properly that you already are trying omeprazole. 
    I think dairy free might be the best thing but keep with the omeprazole for a bit longer 
  • @RememberToBreathe

    Thank you so much for the replies! I'm relieved to know that someone else has been experiencing the same as my little one, I just feel so helpless all the time when I can't make the pain go away 🥺 
    I'm down with the gp here today and hoping he will have some advice too after examining her etc. I'm glad to hear that going dairy free helped your little ones and I will deffo give this a go 😊 
    Have yous ever used carabel? I have read into it a few times and was considering trying it. The gaviscon really helped with her tummy it was just the constipation that was a nightmare, worse than the silent reflux. Apparently carabel doesn't cause constipation but it is a thickener so I am unsure? Just curious if yous have had any experience with it? 
    Thank yous so much for replying! I'm at my wits end with it all and just feel so helpless, I hate seeing her in so much pain everyday!🥺
  • MissM2203MissM2203 Regular
    edited Mar 24, 2021 1:25PM
    Aw I understand completely it's horrible seeing them in pain. 
    I was given carobel but the stuff is fine probably for a bottle fed baby but the way you have to administer it for an EBF baby is really awful and the stuff is genuinely like wallpaper paste and my baby wouldnt take it and would gag.

    I am staying with the DF diet until he starts solids then I may try him again. I find the diet boring but worth it in the long run. 
    His wind has never been an issue since things started working, before that is was so bad tho.
  • @MissM2203 think I'll give it a miss then, thank yous!

    Gp has recommend eliminating dairy for the next 2-4 weeks so fingers crossed it makes a difference! 

    @RememberToBreathe that's brilliant, hopefully this helps with her wind too, I've tried many things for wind and nothing seems to help flip sake 😴 

  • @DanielleH
    Definitely give it 4 weeks, it can take 3 weeks for dairy to be eliminated from
    yours and babies system.
    The first thing I noticed was his nappies were no longer explosive watery ones they looked more normal.
    His wind issue resolved and the feeding etc just all came together so stick with it and I really hope it works.
    Your doing a great job getting this far and trying everything you can especially with how hard it is... 
  • @MissM2203 fingers crossed it helps her! Her nappies are explosive and she would sometimes cry when passing wind too. Can definitely tell its her tummy bothering her rather than the reflux. Her wind seems to be the biggest problem atm, I have bought dentinox today to try instead of gripe water to see if that helps at all, she refuses to burp at all even with gripe water so all her gas travels to her tummy 🥺 

    Aww thank you, it means so much! Just hoping this works for her! 
  • Really wish I’d not given up @MissM2203 I just honestly didn’t think it had done much but now I think it has and he’s uncomfortable because of me 
  • Really wish I’d not given up @MissM2203 I just honestly didn’t think it had done much but now I think it has and he’s uncomfortable because of me 
    Aw don't beat yourself up honestly, the change is so subtle to start with, I did the same after nearly 3 weeks of DF ate something I shouldn't have and the effect was almost instant so I knew not to do it again.
    Its all trial and error at the moment but at least you know now 
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