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How to deal with a clingy baby

My baby is so clingy  , she never settles never satisfied,  never just set and play on her own she needs me around and mostly needs to be in my lap , I have no time for myself other than the little hours I spend sleeping , no time to clean home , her dad is  working so hard for us when he's home he take care of her so I can cook us something to eat :(
We lived so hard time before  , she was prematurely born and hard really hard time at the NICU , now shes healthy and happy baby,  shes almost 7 mobths , I promised that I will make it great but I can't do it anymore:( I feel so consumed and body is all in pain , I feel like my brain is broken :( 
I hate myself I don't take care of myself at all, have no more goals or dreams in life I feel like this is the end !! 
I have no friends to help , my family is back in my homeland, it's just me my husband and our daughter 
Please tell me it's gonna be OK  , give me advices to deal with this , should I see a psychologist?


  • It sounds like you're having an incredibly tough time. I definitely think it would be really good to get in contact with either your health visitor or your GP and explain how you're feeling. How you're feeling isn't uncommon, but equally it could be a sign of post natal depression (or something else). If you are suffering with some form of depression it will be making everything else 100x harder. 

    It sounds like your husband is supportive, have you spoken to him about how you feel? It's important that he understands how you're feeling so he can give you the right help. 

    With respect to having a clingy baby, have you tried using a sling? It wouldn't necessarily solve the issue of having time for yourself but could free up your hands so you can be doing other things while the baby is attached to you? 

    I'd also add that personally, I wouldn't have an issue letting a little one cry on occasion if you need 5 minutes for a shower or something. It is incredibly important that you look after yourself, not just the baby. 
  • Thank you for replying,  that made me feel way better,  yea I talked to my husband about it and he's trying to help more , and talk more about it.
    I tried the baby sling , she'd be so happy for couple of minutes and then try to get out of it :) 
    Also I tried letting her cry for couple of minutes while doing something else , she would go crying harder and harder till I'm back :( 
    I don't know she spent more than 2 months in the NICU could it be that babies with such experience be more clingy or attached! Idk it doesn't make sense but... 
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