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How do I make my baby take a dummy?

My baby is 2 months old and has never accepted a dummy. But she’s now starting to suck her fingers a lot when tired or sleeping, but can’t quite do it, plus her fingers are so tiny I don’t think they would give her the comfort she’s after. She does like to suck on my pinkie though, it calms her down or even sends her to sleep. A dummy would be much easier... any advice on how to transition her from my finger to a dummy???


  • In my experience with my little boy I just persisted. Effectively I just popped it back in whenever he spat it out and after a week or so he realised he liked sucking on it so kept it in. Now he's 21 months old and would have it all day if I let him but just has it for naps and overnight for sleep. 
  • Thank you, I’ll keep trying then!
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