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August 2021 babies 👶🏻

Hey ladies, 
here is the start of our chat 
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  • Hey ladies hope your all well
  • Hiiiii everyone 😁
    Thanks for setting this up @MrsH02
    @Sj83 congrats on your lovely baby, how is he getting on?
    Myles is 3 weeks old now and still sleeps 20+ hours per day 😱
  • Hi hun3 weeks already flying by oliver is 10 days old today his doing well had a couple of days of him being constipated but think that was from the change of liquid milk to formula milk he feeds every 3/4 hours even though he settles better during the day back to sleep then the might not we will soon get in to a routine I'm doing ok walking around the house doing some house work luckily had oh and older kids to help with some bits aswell feeling nervous as my son starts reception on monday on how I'll be walking to school not been for a walk yet 
  • Hey ladies 😊
    Thanks @MrsH02 for setting this group up ☺️
  • Hi ladies. Finally found you lol. How many oz of milk is everyone eating ? Adaline is on 5oz now ! She was 6 weeks on Friday.

    Got 6 week check with health visitor tomorrow so see how much she weighs now. She feels alot heavier than when she was born. Think its all in her head though haha xx
  • @Stokiejodie Oliver is on between 4 & 5ozs & he's only 4 weeks tomorrow 😳 Have a greedy baby here 🐷 He's definitely heavier than when he was born 😂
  • Hey all, hope everyone is ok. So we have the hospital again tomorrow for yet another blood test. I’m praying his levels have now come down, I do think he look less yellow although not completely clear yet. He get weighed every time we go to the hospital for bloods and last Tuesday he only weighed 7.14 so only 5oz above birth weight (however he did go down to 6.15) and he was 3 weeks to the day then. I can’t believe he will be 4 weeks on Tuesday! I’m still breastfeeding but have started him on some formula aswell as he is really unsettled at night and constantly cluster feeds from me between 6-12pm. So introducing a bit of formula is just helping him at bedtime as my boobs are empty and they hurt (the whole razor blade nipple thing is going on 🙈) when he has a formula feed he tends to have between 3-4oz, baring in mind he has quite a few breastfeeds still throughout the day! I can’t believe how much he’s changing and how much he’s grown already. He’s really concentrating on my face now, it’s adorable and I can’t wait for them proper smiles to start coming (although the windy ones are very cute!). Quick question, has anyone managed to get an appointment to register baby? We filled the online form for an appointment the day after he was born and Iv not heard a thing. Iv been told appointments are taking up to 6months. I really wanted to get his sooner as would like to get him a passport so we can take him to Greece to meet his grandparents and auntie (my OH is Greek).
  • @BexF90 adaline is greedy too seen as when she was first born it took a whole hour to have like half an oz (15 to 20mls) then week and half later she was guzzling 3 oz and keeps going up and up. She is really bad with burping though. Its so hard to burp her.

    @MrsH02 I got adaline registered 2 weeks after she was born. With my council you could book an appointment slot online. Maybe try calling your local registry department at council and chase it up. If your always up and down the hospital with jaundice maybe ask them if they could just do the phototherapy and get it over and done with ? Xx
  • MrsH02MrsH02 Regular
    edited Sep 5, 2021 6:53PM
    @Stokiejodie they won’t routinely give phototherapy after 14 days old, I did ask. His levels last week were 368 and the criteria if 14 days or under is anything above 250! The poor boy is like a pin cushion, it took 5 attempts to get blood from him on tues his poor hands had pricks all over them and bruised. As for the registry office it tells u not to contact them on the email they sent and that they will call in due course….. I might just ring anyway 🙈
  • Hi ladies oliver is 12 days today and has between 2/3 ounces on his feeds I was going to ask the same about registering baby the first avalible slot is 22nd November so that's when his booked in my son starts reception tomorrow so taking oliver on his first walk tomoz feeling slightly nervous as havnt left the house yet after section even though not in pain with my scar just nervous of getting it infected 
  • @MrsH02 thats abit stupid. They should of done something sooner instead of making you keep going back and forth all the time. 

    @Sj83 dont worry it won't get infected going outside. Just wear some comfy clothes and dont strain yourself too much. Use the pram to lean on xx
  • We did the school run the buggy supported me a lot but was a lovely walk and my little boy loved pushing his brother
  • @Stokiejodie i know it’s stupid, I said that all along as they wouldn’t of known his blood levels until after 14 days as that’s when they refer to jaundice clinic. Anyway, he’s had his bloods done this morning and been weighed. We all thought he looked less yellow now so I’m hoping with his results later this will be reflected! As for his weight the little chunk now weighs 8.15 so he’s gained 1lb 1oz in 6 days!! Before that it was only 2oz in 5 days so he’s now doing well on that front. He was an absolute monster last night not letting me sleep and just being whingy and feeding all night and now he is currently fast asleep in his high chair (it’s a suitable from birth one) the little terror better sleep tonight 🙈. He does look highly adorable at present though so I do let him get away with the bad nights!
  • And the good news is his levels have now dropped significantly! They are now 268 so have dropped by 100. We are back for hopefully what should be one last blood test on Friday 🥳
  • Can you believe the registry office rang today and we have an appointment on 29th September! 
  • At least you have a app now :) not till end of November to register oliver 
  • Hello ladies how is everyone getting on ? We have gone very quiet.

    Took adaline for 6 week check up last Monday and she weighed 8 lb 5. Shes getting like a dead weight and not even size of normal newborn.

    Since then been trying her with a milk thickener as she kept being sick so doctors thought she might have reflux and today going try her on gavascon. Personally though we think it may be a lactose intolerance as 2 of her half siblings had it when they were babies and OH neice also has lactose intolerance still and she is 2 now. Xx
  • Hi hope your all well @stokiejodie hopfully you can get milk sorted bless her are they happy with her weight gain if so I wouldn't be too concerned Oliver's is just over 3 weeks now it's going so fast
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