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Lump in breast

Hello, I am a new parent to a baby girl of 3 weeks old. I'm breastfeeding her but finding it difficult, first I suffered with cracked nipples which has since healed but now I am getting lumps. I had lumps in my right breast which went  away after feeding but now have a big lump in my left breast which hasn't gine away at all. I am worried, i do believe it's a clogged duct but none of  the remedies have worked so far, I've tried expressing, massaging and heat compresses, what else can I do?
I feel like there is so much conflicting advice and tips and causes of lumps it's hard to pinpoint what is going wrong. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
Everything is so overwhelming..


  • Hello, 
    Oh bless you.....this was me almost a year ago. 
    First of all, try not to panic! Have you got any support from health visitors? 
    I am still breastfeeding now  he is 1 at the end of this month. But there were lots of times that I felt it was so overwhelming. I am also a first time mum and if it hadn't have been for my friend who is a midwife, coming round when I was in floods of tears feeling like I couldn't do it, I would have stopped. Thankfully I didn't. I promise you it gets easier!!
    Are you feeding from both sides every feed? That's what I did, and tried to start with the side you finished on last time. 
    I had a few times when I got antibiotics as I basically had what I thought was mastitis. Annoyingly with covid and not being able to see a dr it was all done through phone calls!! 
    Try to keep going if you can. Please feel free to message me anytime, I will try to support you through it x
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