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Pregnancy after miscarriage

Hi everyone 👋🏻
I had a chemical pregnancy in nov, a miscarriage at 9 weeks in april and am recently pregnant again (approx 3-4 weeks right now..) and i am 35 years old.

 I’ve been looking for support as my anxiety is through the roof and am unsure if i’m just interpreting anything as a sign of miscarriage or if it is a realistic reason to worry.. For example, every week before i get my periods i get hormonal acne normally on my chin; i’ve never been someone that otherwise gets acne/pimples. Yesterday i woke up with a huge pimple on my chin and until now i’ve been having lots of nausea but also since yesterday my nausea has completely stopped. So, of course i’m worried +++ for the worst and am just trying to be positive but …

Any advice or comments from anyone who has been through this?? Anything at all wld be really appreciated at this time. Tia 🙂
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