Weird waking in the night

Hi Ladies

Just need your help! Lily is 7monthys old and has started to behave odly at nigt. From 11 weeks she slept through (8pm - 7am) and at 5 1/2 months she went into her own room as she was too big for the crib. All was fine until 3-4 weeks ago. Now she will go to bed at 7.30pm - 8pm and sleep (without waking up) until 12.30am on the dot (lol). She wakes screaming so we go to her, pick her up comfort her until she stops then put her down. As soon as her head hits the cot she screams blue murder. We have tried leaving her and doing the controlled crying and timing it and all that, but she screams and gets herself into such a state. This continues until 2.45am - 3am when she will settle. We have tried giving her milk - doesn't want it, water doesn't want it, dummy - spits it out, comfort blanket - wipes her face and cries even more with it! We are so tired and at a loss what to do. She isn't too hot or too cold either. We tried raising her cot too, but nothing is helping. She has even had calpol incase it was her teeth but that does nothing! Sometimes carries on crying when you try and cuddle her!

Any ideas??




  • Didn't want to read and run but not sure what it could be. My lo wakes around the same time each morning and I'm gonna wake myself up and see if there is anything that happens around that time that might be waking him. Could you try that and almost settle her at 12.30 so she doesn't aactually wake ? S x
  • Not sure hun, Riley was awake from 3.20am till 6am this morning, and I thought maybe he just wasnt tired? Like us when we just can't drop off and don't want to be in bed? Does she look tired still? Does she scream with her eyes closed? I'd say is it anything in her diet, but it's odd she wakes the same time every night. Poor you! Hope you get some sleep soon. xxx
  • Hi

    Thanks for the replies. She has her eyes closed usually, which is the bit we are confused by, even if she gets in bed with us (naughty mummy lol) she cries. I will try the waking up before her. I'll get hubby to set alarm just after 12am, she wakes like clockwork now! I will also keep a log of what she is eating as I hadn't thought of that!
  • Hi jellyfish,
    I know what you mean. Wakes up crying eyes shut adn you cant do anything to stop it! I have to pick her up, put her over my shoulder, walk cross the room to the mirror where there is a dim light on adn she eventually opens her eyes. Or I ahve to call oh who calls her name and she opens her eyes and smiles!

    I ahve for ages been trying to figure out teh problem. She stopped it a couple of weeks ago. But it started again last night. I have put it down to teething and the top 2 teeth ahve just broken teh gum. I rubbed teething gel on and she went down again.

    At 245am, she wakes up screaming, put on shoulder falls asleep, put down screams! I dont know why this is, different to the eyes closed screaming. I would be itnerested to know if waking your lo ebfore she would usually wake up helps. I read it in a book today but wasnt sure if it actually helps them break the night waking.

    I was going to post similar myselF. I'd be interested tos ee what others replies are. xxx
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