we are thinking of having another....advice please ladies.

well ive been wanting another for agges now so ive finally said to oh that i want to start trying and he hasnt been sure for ages but he said last night "ill think about it" if not we will start trying when Tegan is 1 (end of oct). so was just wanting to ask a few simple questions....
is labour easier and quicker second time round? as i quite enjoyed the long labour with Tegan, crazy i know but it gev me time to actually think, omg this baby is going to come out lol
And if we were going to have another we would want to buy the phil and teds sport...is it heavy and is it bulky when folded up? as we have a very small fiat punto.
any advice would be great x



  • Go for it!!!!! (lol, you probably knew I would say that anyway!!!) & the Phil&Ted sport is fab. I would make sure you try it in your boot 1st though I think it would probably fit coz you can pop the wheels off to make it smaller anyway.

    My 1st labour lasted 11 1/2 hours but Amy was babck to back which would have accounted for it being longer but Zara was 3 1/2 hours start to finish though I put a lot of that down to her being in a better position. I did find my 2nd labour a lot easier, probably coz I had more of an idea what to expect too.

    Good luck xx
  • im just hoping that oh doesnt say we have ta wait till she's one because im so happy and excited now.
    the phil and ted sounds ideal, i dont wana get a pram that won't be much use once tegan is walking properly. do u know where have good deals on them as they are fairly expensive?
    Tegan was back to back too so my labour started on the mon night and i had her on the wed night althought pains werent all that bad untill wed morn at 10 and lasted untill 8, so 10 hours in all i guess.

    thanks for your reply Hilary x
  • thanks
    im glad someone else has said they enjoyed labour, as i thought i might be a little bit crazy lol x
  • aww im so happy for you you have manage to convince him (well as good as) lol x "ill think about it" is as good as a yes in my book!! lol x
    good luck with everything....
    Caz x x
  • omg bex82 your labours were quick!! have any of you found it hard having two really close together? x
  • im hoping thats what he means when he sed "ill think about it" cazzy.w although if he changes his mind, 5 months isnt too long to wait i suppose. ill keep u posted though x
  • Hi Hannah & tegan my first labour was 24 hours an this one was 9 in all although as soon as i got to 10cm it only took 8 mins an 3 pushes was alot easier and quicker second time, i fell pregnant with my second little girl Teigan when my first girly Ashleigh turned 1 well we conceaved on her 1st birthday we really thought it was going to take longer, looking back now i wouldnt change anything except i would have waited a bit longer as i found it soo difficult to do things with ash at the end i couldnt even pick her up as i was soo big witch really upset me although the age gap is great ash loves her little sister and does try to help i think there gonna be really close as they grow up go for it hun its hard work but really worth it Sophie, Ashleigh and Teigan xx



  • Go for it hun!

    It might not take ages to conceive 2nd time round...only took me one time when we didn't take proper precautions!

    My 2 girls are 12 months apart and I'm loving it all so far, though it can be hard work at times.

    My 2nd birth was fab, didn't have any pain relief until I started pushing when I had gas and air- and Evie was out with about 5 or 6 pushes,took about 10 mins...took me nearly 2 hours to push Lily out!

    Good luck!

  • thanks for the replys, im getting really excited now!! i really wana ask oh if he has "thought" about it yet, but don't wana pester him at the same time, i just wana know! friends came round earlia and they r pregnant with twins and have a 1 year old, made me so broody seeing her bump.
    i cant believe you have pushed your second babies out in like 10 mins!! x
  • we wanted a small gap between our two but its has taken 9 months now ttc and still no joy. Ollie is now 1 and ive been broody since he was born.

    it might not take you long to concieve.
    Good luck trying.

    dont know anything about second labours or prams tho, sorry

  • I can't comment on second labours as I am 36+4 with number two but I agree that it might not take as long as you expect to get pregnant. It took us over a year to get pregnant with Millie, this time round it happened the first month! The Phil and Ted's is great, haven't used it as a double yet obviously, but I have had a really good play about and taken Millie out in it a couple of times and I love it. It is a bit big and heavy when it is folded but I think it would go in a Punto ok.
    Have fun trying!
    Kerry xx
  • Def go for it

    Me and OH are currently on month 2 of ttc 2nd and DS is only nearly 21 weeks

    I ended up having to have C Section but has not put me off having a 2nd - if anything I would elect for C Section next time round (only downside would be not being able to pick up DS for a bit after the op)

    Fingers crossed you get a BFP soon

  • Hi, I had my 2nd almost five months ago. Loved both my labours!!! image Had an epidural the first time and not the 2nd... both were wonderful but long - 18 and 17 hrs consecutively.

    Good luck! Wish I could have a third!
  • Hiya i was just speaking to my siter in law about this she has 2 boys, 1 is 2 and the other is 3, and she said its been the hard really hard as she has just got over 1 thing and the other starts like potty training, terrible 2's etc and they constantly fight, i actually hate gong to see her coz her boys are a nightmare thast bad lol! she says if she could of waited she would of, but on the other hand she says when there away to school thats it she has done it lol
  • thanks for all of your lovely and helpful replies ladies!
    stepheY and mady123 i hope you get your bfp's very soon!! oh is still undecided yet, i asked him earlia and my reply was "don't rush me we aren't buying a puppy" the cheeky bugger. i really hope he comes round, don't think i can wait untill oct before we start ttc, seems so long away although im sure it will fly by x
  • hi hannah and tegan,i was inlabour for 4 hrs from the 1st pain with my 3 yr old daughter and the latest addition was just under 2 hrs from the 1st pain,had her 20 mins after being given the gas and air!!I have recovered 10 times quicker this time too,my little princess is 2 weeks old and i feel great and was back in my pre pregnancy jeans a week ago!good luck and enjoy ttc!! hanna xx
  • i cant believe how fast second labours go!!
    we have decided to finish decorating the dinning room and living room and then have another...so probably in the next 2-3 months. hopefully we wont be trying for agges!

    thanks alot for all your replies x
  • aww! i want another one now!!! but agreed with oh to wait till next aug to ttc...hopefully then by time new baby born Harry will be potty trained. Does your mummy tummy go quicker second time around or is it harder to shift? I'm always broody now but my head is controlling my heart for now....
  • im hoping its not much harder to shift cuz ive still got a stone left from last time!! back to a size 10 now though so im not really worried about that extra stone x
  • hi, i am broody too!! my lo Blake is almost 13months but have been broody for ages now...oh wants to wait a while cos my parents dont like him have made it clear they would not be happy if i have another one for at least 5 years!!!!!!!! but i am an adult and can make my own choices and i want another one! got the implant in at the mo, so would have to have that taken out first. plus our dog is due a litter of pups on 10th june so better get that out of the way first too! the only thing i would worry about is money, only my oh works and then its only 15k a year...babies are very expensive lol.
    my labour was just under 4 hours, had him at home with just gas and air for the pushing. would def have another home birth, but would like to try water next time! x
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