for those of you that have used dr browns bottles

At what age did you put your little on on to size 3 teats? Also did you ever change back to a 'normal' bottle as in avent or tommee tipee and if so at what age did you do this?

Thanks in advance



  • we use size 3 as tyler is on infant gaviscon and comfort milk.
  • Allannah is 6 months and still using size 2
  • Sorry I cannot remember at what age we move ds on to size 3 but we never changed back to other bottles - did not want the expense and he liked them so we decided to keep them! Think we thought as they cost so much may as well get our monies worth - and credit to them they lasted really well.
  • I used Dr Browns from about 5 days old and lo still using them now at 8 months old.I did try changing to just normal bottles at about 6 months because I thought they were looking a bit shabby but it was a waste of money because lo hated them and would only drink a couple of ounces so I ended up buying new Dr Brown bottles anyway.As for the teat size, he is still on size 2,I tried size 3 but he seemed to be drowning so I just reverted back.Good luck.
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