anyone got this car seat??


i'm looking for a car seat that can be rear facing and then forward - suitable from birth to about 4 years I suppose. Maiya is nearly 14 weeks but is nearly grown out of her M&P's baby car seat as she's so long. I've seen the Britax First Class Si - urban cell car seat does all this. anyone got one or could recommend a good seat. not bothered about the cost just want to get a good one that will last!!

as per usual with baby things there is soooo much choice it's difficult to know where to start!!

thanks image))


  • hi hon!!

    dont forget that it is weight that determines the next car seat, but i haven't had the SI!

    i have however, had the Britax Renaissance (which i think now has another name), the Bebeconfort Iseos TT, and i now have the Maxi Cosi Tobi.

    tbh, i have loved them all (had different cars with each lo, and the car seats didnt fit the next car!!), but my fave prob is the Maxi Cosi! they all have some of the best safety ratings, aslong as they fit your car. i know Britax do a car / seat match up if you go on their site.

    another thing you could do is have a look on Which? online. you'll need to join, but cancel your DD at 28 days. they do independent testing of a number of car eats.
  • Am I right in thinking that the first class SI is the one that is reversible? If it is it's supposed to be really good. I think my little lad might out grow his seat before I am happy for him to face forwards and that is the one we will get if he does. Worth bearing in mind though, it doens't matter if her legs are a bit bent in the infant carrier, as long as her head isn't over the top of the seat then she still fits it.
  • We have the britax first class si although we bought it just as a forward facing seat when cole was 8 months old. My parents have also bought that seat for cole for their cars - although i think theirs might be the next model up as it looks a bit different.

    I like it because it fits in tons of different cars (7 I think we've had it in) and it is one of the few that will fit in the older style fords like our car. Also the seat cover is machine washable althuogh i can't remember if it will go int he dryer, it has 2 little elastic bits that are good for attaching toys to. It reclines well and although you have to take it out to adjust the shoulder harness straps its not so bad for doing that. Cole always seems comfy in it and he sleeps ok in it. The sides are nice and high so look cosy and safe, and out of all the ones we squished and checked for comfort in mothercare it was the one that felt comfiest.

    Although we didn't use it, the newborn insert bit looks nice and cosy too. Cole is almost 11 months old and quite tall and there is plenty of room for him - I'd have thought your daughter should be quite cozy with plenty of space rearfacing.

    Hope that helps
  • Bedhead - yes its the reversible one
  • Fantastic. thanks for taking the time to respond. i always think recommendation is the way to go when there is so much choice and a bit of a novice.

    xxxx off to spend some more money now!!!xxxx
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