Had follow up appointment with paed today

Its been 6 weeks since our last appointment when we were given Pepti-Junior and we went to the hospital to see the paed and dietician today. It was relatively successful.

The dietician was lovely. She thinks I should hold out a little longer for weaning now that we have the reflux under control and while we keep trying milk as we have now been given another one! She was really unhappy with Alfie's skin, and the fact that their nappies are still very green. Although she thinks the milk is starting to help as the nappies arent as toxic anymore, and they are now drinking a full 5oz bottle.

The paed was also great. We have been given Neocate milk now. They are concerned about Alfie's skin (I did mention that today was a fairly good day! lol) and we have been given Epiderm to use with both of them. Unfortunately, they have also said I need to use steroid cream on Alfie. I was trying to avoid this but she was concerned that it wont get better unless we get it under control :\(

I now have a follow up appointment in another 6 weeks and, if Alfie's skin is no better then we will be referred to a dermatologist.

They have also said that I need calcium supplements due to my dairy intollerance and problems I may have caused by breastfeeding!

Just thought id update you on our story.

Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 19 + 3


  • It's good to see things are starting to turn a corner for you guys. Try not to worry about the steroid cream, I don't really have much if any experience on these things, but I'm guessing it'll only be a temporary thing and in the long run it will help him more.

    Lots of hugs,

    Rachel and Charlie x
  • Hi Gemma

    I'm really glad that they've given you some new things to try and I really hope they help to improve things.

    Will be keeping my fingers crossed for you and the boys.

    Love NN and Olyvia xxx



  • The Dr gave my LO Epiderm to use and it has been great on his eczma (I also had to use steroid cream on him for a few days because it was so bad). Its been a month now and his skin is lovely and soft and he's not itching it anymore. Hope your LO's skin gets better soon x
  • ExcitedMummy - Thank you so much for that. After trying Aqueaous cream, Oilatum and Diprobase to no effect I was thinking that the Epiderm would be just as uneventful. Its nice to hear from someone it has worked for. As for the steroid cream, I only have to use it on Alfie, and yes, his skin is horrendous - peeling, bleeding and stretched to the point of cracking. There are patches on his body that look like scales! Its awful, and so uncomfortable for him. She told me the steroid cream wouldnt be forever. How long was it before you noticed a difference?
  • The Oilatum didnt work on my LO either. I only use the steroid cream for a few days every now and again when it flares up (at the back of his knees mainly - a common place for eczma.use for 1-2 days) and my LO has learned how to scatch it when he's having his nappy changed/in the bath/just having a 'trousers off' moment! I think the longest I had to use it was for 3-4 days was when he was initially prescribed it. Using the Epiderm in the bath and as a cream twice a day has meant we rarely need the steroid cream now. (Although he's like a slippery eel in the bath as a result!)
  • Epiderm is great stuff. (I now use it as well on my eczema) We know use it as soap in the bath (be carefull doing it cause it makes the bath very slippery afterwards) And afterwards as moisturiser. Michael has eczema every now and than coming up. So hopefully that will clear their skin in no time. I am glad they listened to you and are working on solving it. You are doing a great job with them.
  • I have been wracking my brain trying to think of the name of the cream the LO I looked after had for his skin, epiderm!!! I hope this one works for him. It makes your hands uber soft from putting it on!!
  • So glad she could suggest some next steps and glad the dietitian is looking after mummy too.

    Hope the milk works for both of them and that Alfie skin is better soon.


    PS: Loving your recent pics, they are growing so fast and look like real little characters!
  • Characters is one word for them! lol!

    How are the girls? Are they better? The boys still cough quite badly at night but they are much better than they were.
  • Hi Gemmiebaby

    I have twins too and Josh has been suffering quite badly from baby exzema. We were given Epiderm and it was OK but not brillant. We have now been prescribed FUCIDIN H antibiotic cream and that is just brillant.

    What i do is put the epiderm on the good patches of exzema (if there is such a thing) and the antibiotic cream on the bad patches.

    Definitely use the antibiotic cream the effects are noticeable in 24 hours.

    Mrs WB - Mum to Josh and Sophie 10 months xxx
  • Thanks hun.

    Paed has been fab and has said that, if im still worried about his skin next week, we will look at something else. She is going to PHONE ME next week to see how things are. I really feel like we are being looked after now.

    Will keep that name in mind though! Paed seems to be happy to listen to me!
  • Hi

    Just to say my twins were same regards skin. DT2 had it really badly and steroid cream made all the difference, (so did using bio ariel, its the only one that doesnt give dh eczma) now they are nearly 3 DT2 doesnt have it and DT1 only gets one patch. I had different steriod cream for different patches if it was bleeding use same as MRSWB and eumovate for dry patches.

  • gemmiebaby iv been trying to reply for days but my pc wouldn't log me on again!

    just to say my 2nd daughter had eczma all over her body from 3 weeks, she had epiderm and steroid cream, she used them dailey for 3 years, after that her skin started to get better. shes 5 now and has fab skin.
    unfortunatly my 1st daughter started with it at 4, shes 7 now and we're still batteling! ahe has hydromol (emulsifying wax) and eumovate at night with tubifast bandages and diprobase in the morning (this is because the hyromol is very greasy and it would be difficult for her to have it going to school)
    do you have a dermatologist? it really hard being refered but they're fab. also do you have tubifast bandages?

    hope all goes well x
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