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Holidays Abroad Tips n Tricks much appreciated!!!!

Hiya my lo will be just over five months when we go to Spain...
Any good advice much appreciated.... for the plane/in the sun/on a night etc....
Im a bit nervous about if he will like the flight/if he will be too hot/his skin in the sun/if he is eating by then etc...
Other than that can't wait to go and relax for a week Yippee!!!!
Bikini time AAgghhh!!!! I would like to be the girl on the boots advert who has her beach body sorted... but spose we will have to settle fer the wobbly bits this year neva mind hee hee.....


  • Chloe was just over 5 months when we went on holiday and I thought the flight would be hell but I was pleasantly surprised! On the flight out we kept her awake in the airport so she was exhausted by the time we were ready to board! I also had a bottle ready to feed her on take off so as to equalise the pressure in her ears - it either worked or she wasn't bothered about her ears going pop as we had no problems. If your plane has tvs in the back of the seat you might find your lo is facinated - ours was although I think the lady in front got fed up with her banging her seat but hey at least she wasn't screaming! Also another good one is the in flight magazine and the safty card - they kept her amused for ages - failing that walk up and down the aisle. Oh yes make sure you take plenty of toys, we bought a new one which we gave her on the plane, also a blanket as the plane can sometimes get a bit cold.

    When it came to the sun, I got a UV Protective Sunshade Canopy from Toys r us


    i'm sure you can get them other places as well ..... it is black and provides UVA/B protection, you attach it to any pushchair and it provides a massive canopy which keeps all of your baby out of the sun unlike the little parasolls which you can attach. Factor 50 sunscreen, long sleeve/ leg swimming costume (again UVA/B fabric) and a sunhat (which was thrown on the floor/pool/sea at every possible occasion). Other than that we kept her in the shade, with just a vest or shorts and tee shirt during the day and just a vest to sleep in at night - she would often fall asleep on the sunbed after a little swim (obviously in the shade) I too thought she might have a problem with the heat but Chloe adapted well and loved wearing minimal clothing (in fact when we came home she hated putting vests and tops and trousers and skirts on again!) We bought a little cardigan just in case for the evening but never used it but it is worth taking a few and make sure you've got a nice warm outfit to come home with as UK weather is a shock to the system after the sun!

    In the evening we had an insect net to put over her pushchair for when we are out and about in the evening - again from toys r us - but we only used it once. One thing I would say is that if you are using a travel cot then it might be worth trying one out (borrow one from someone if you are not taking one yourself) Chloe had never used one before and we had a few problems settling her in it to begin with.

    Make sure you take calpol, baby nurofen, bonjela or whatever else you usually need - we took formula with us but ran out as she seemed to go off of her food a bit in the heat and went back to drinking milk - fortunately we found aptamil out there and she drank that. I tried making her the sort of fresh food she has at home - but like I said she went off food a bit ..... I bought her a few jars in the supermarket and she loved them! Fortunately when we got back home she got back into her old habits.

    As for the beach body - sarongs are a great invention!!

    Hope I haven't rambled too much and you find some of this useful. Have a wonderful holiday. Sarah xx

    ps take a video camera is you have one, some of our footage is priceless!
  • My mum bought us a fan that clips on to the front of the pushchair as we are off to Thailand on Wednesday & little man is only 11 weeks old.

    I have packed calpol sachets, bonjela, baby strength sun lotion (factor 50), baby sensitive mossie repelant, bought a shade a babe for his pushchair & invested in a load of all in one legless & sleeveless baby growns for hot daytimes & to wear under his clothes to stop chaffing with sweat & the same ones but with cap sleeves for bedtime.

    I have a cotton flatsheet packed for warm nights to cover him up as well as a celluar blanket for chilly nights & bought from the travellingwith children website some babybans, which are baby sunglasses ( look really cool image) & these steriliser bags which come prepacketed with their own milton tablet in.

    I also have a large net with elastic fron the NCT which fits over the top of the travel cot to keep baby mossie free whilst asleep & can also be used in the evening on the pushchair.

    Most important though is keeping baby well hydrated so make sure a full bottle of cool boiled water goes with you everywhere.

    Have a great time.
  • Hey Cheers Girls great tips n tricks.. Lots to think about ... Gonna get one of them sunshades from toys r us just hope it fits onto pushchair as we are just gonna get a cheap one from mothercare incase it gets bashed on plane... (lots of good tips starfly its good to know ur baby managed well and he will ov been the same age as mine when we fly)
    Bee Bee (great tips too) goodness my flight will only be about 3 hours Thailand is a long way ur brave n ur baby is younger so not gonna worry anymore... Where do u purchase ur baby bans from I cant seem to find any fer my lo small enough...??
    Hey enjoy yer jollies too....
    Gonna print al ur info out so im prepared... Hee Hee...
    Enjoy rest ov ur weekend...
  • got babybanz & sterilizing bags from http://www.travellingwithchildren.co.uk/, really good website with lots of good stuff & quick delivery too & really great communiation.

    14hrs flight to Thailand, not worried though as lo is well over his colic now so not too much screaming expected & I am soooo organised it is silly. Also we are spending time at the mils & hubbies brother is collecting us & all the bags at the airport, then when we go tto he beach will be staying at a mates house in Koh samui wih only a few nights here & there in hotels so mainly gonna be in places with washing machines & cooking facilities so hoping it will be managable.

    I was going to visit a mate on Koh Lanta but it is a 4hr car journey plus two passanger ferries so knocked that on the head, I dont' want to subject myslef to that!!!!
  • Cheers hun.........
    Sounds great Bee Bee have a smashin timexxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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