help - those of you who did or still do a dream feed

hi ladies im hoping you can help me - lo is 11 weeks , the last few mornings he will only take 4 ounces where he used to have 6 or 7 - do you think is because he has 7 ounces at the dream feed , should i give him less to make him hungrier in the mornin ? Any advice very welcome xx thanks girls xx


  • Have you tried waiting a little in the morning. If I feed Lucas as soon as he wakes up he'll suck for 5 mins and then not be interested, but if he wakes in a good mood I take him in the bathroom while I shower and get dressed and then dress him and then we go downstairs and he'll feed for a good 20-30 mins (takes about an hour from getting up to sitting down to feed). We do a dream feed and did try cutting it out, but Lucas actually feeds better when sleepy as he has reflux and a slight feeding aversion now.

    Might be worth a try...
  • what time do you dreamfeed and what time does he get up? if hes not hungry and waking early maybe try leave him in his cot for a while until, or you could move the dreamfeed back if you think this might help, we dreamfed at about 10 pm which took him through until 6/7am, we stopped our DF and replaced with a 3 hourly day feed routine x
  • thanks girls - piggy pops - his feed is at 1045 and morning feed is at 7 am ill try feeding earlier at about 10 x muffin mammy he is ok for 5 mins then crys in the mornin image he used to be so good and now all seems to be going to pot ! H has reflux too xx
  • Lil kim, ds is 18weeks now and is the same too! He has his dreamfeed between 10-11pm then gets up 7-8am, regardless of how long I wait, what I do he only takes 2-3oz 4 at a push in the morning. He is interested in the bottle but just doesn't want much, he still waits til 11ish for his next feed so have just started to go with it xx
  • kaysis maybe we just have lo 's that dont need much breakfast - he cant have got that from me though as i love my brekkie !! X
  • I've just battled to get 2oz down him today, he just doesn't want it, although he happily shoves the bottle in his mouth! I never have breakfast but made sure I did when I was pregnant lol!
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