chicken pox and excema

hi my baby is 6 moths old and has a servere case of excema i think she has chicken pox and i am worried about what her skin will go like and if it is going to be ten times worse for her if anyone has had any experience with chicken pox and a baby with excema please help on what treatment you used as i do not know if i can use calomine lotion on her skin
thank you x


  • hey,

    my lo has eczema, but has not yet had chicken pox.

    chicken pox spots are very different to eczema - they will be spots that are like fluid filled blisters.

    with the calomine lotion, how about trying it on a small patch of her skin to see if it helps - it shouldn't do any harm but as your lo has ezcema you will need to see if it aggrivates her skin or not.

    Also, try looking on the nhs website

    or give nhs direct a ring - they're really helpful and i've found them reassuring too. phone no - 0845 4647

  • Hi, my daughter had chickenpox last year and she suffers from eczema too, Personally I wouldnot use calamine lotion as it dries onto the skin and that makes the itching worse, I used aqueous cream with calamine which was a lot better, she was still itchy but not too bad. I also used piriton but I think you can only use that if your baby is over 12 months so check with the pharmacist.
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