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well myself and the oh arent on very good terms at the moment, think everything was a bit whirlwind we moved in after 4 months, pregnant after 6 and married at 8! well now we got david and no,2 on the way, we are separated at the moment but being civil for davids sake..
anyway that craps over...
names for girls and boys. were stuck
please give advice weve agreed Trinity is a nice name for a girl (my grandfather was proffesor of divinity at Trinity college Dublin)
Trinity and David sounds nice. but we want some more ideas.. not that we knows its a girl... boys names welcome too surname is Bunda and has to go with David...


  • You're so gonna be preggers by the end of the year Katie hon. image

    Girls names I like - Grace, Lily, Faith,
    Boys names - Aidan, Kei/Kai, Danny, Joshua.

    Good luck with choosing. Hope you sort things with your OH out soon.

  • It took forever for us to agree on Francesca so god knows what we will be like when we have no 2.

    I like Caitlin and Georgia. Thats it!!! Our surname is Taylor so i try to avoid anything in the top ten.

    Boy wise i like Harrison, Owen and Bradley (but that doesnt go with bunda).
  • Hope you and your oh get sorted out, i think having a baby does take its toll on everyones relationship just got to work through it xxx

    These are names me and hubby liked, Girls Lilly Rose, Lidya
    And Nathaniel. But i think Trinity is lovely xxxxx

    P.s agree with Garfield Katies going to be pregnant soon lol xxx
  • i ike ciara too, but ohs not hot on it, jessica bunda is ok but a little like jessica alba lol!
    yeah and katie next month itll be you asking for advice, infact no, i think your sorted with names... lol
  • Similar situation with me and oh we got caught with Evan after 3 months, moved in after 5, married after 6 and now expecting no 2!! we have been arguing a lot lately think its just the strain so dont worry but just try and spend some time talking and being together at night when littl one in bed etc - working for us
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