how much?

hi everyone i'm selling my old pushchair but not sure how much i should ask, could you please tell me how much you would pay for a pushchair like this.


  • There are so many deals at the moment for new pushchairs (check out new Argos book)! Where you can get a whole travel system which I think is what a lot of people want nowadays, for a very good price.
    I agree with tallkatie - look on ebay to see what people are asking for.
    If I was to buy it from looking at your photos I would put an offer in for between ??50-??80. I wouldn't pay above ??100. But then again depends what features are on it, how old it is etc., any wear & tear.
  • it's not my type of pushchair either, my dad bought it for me when i had anne as then i did not have much money, my friend has asked me how much i want for it as she needs a new one, but does not want to go out and buy a brand new one for only a few months,

    i don't want to charge her to much or to less. the push chair cost my day over ??300 new 3 years ago.

    i have looked on ebay to find a simular one but i can't seem to find one, that is why i have come to ask you lot.

    i has a car seat to become a travel system, but she already has a car seat, plus it has a apron cover.

    car seat
    farward and backward facing seat
    apron cover
    big shopping basket
    has a carrycot position
    easy romove chair
    rain cover
    many more but can't think at the moment.

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  • We got offered a pushchair virtually identical to this when I was pregnant with Kelsie. It was Mama's and Papa's. The lady wanted #40 for it, but we didn't like it so didn't accept. Personally I'm possibly a bit of a snob :lol: and I buy everything new, everything! I think maybe 40 would be to much, as the one we got offered was Mama's and Papas.

    Like I said on FB, I do know someone who wants a pushchair/pram but she won't pay as much as you'd like I don't think.

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