help with baby and toddler routine

Can anyone suggest things that have worked for getting a toddler and baby to bed without tears all round, including from me.
I have a 2 year old who normally has bath, story and bed. I also have a 6 week old with no routine.
My OH has been away on business since baby 10 days old and I am struggling with evenings, as I am also tired.
If I try to put the baby to bed first it always seems to drag on, delaying DD bedtime so she becomes irritable. When DD goes to bed first DS gets left to cry while I get her washed and dressed, etc. I am aware of him crying and get snappy with DD, as 'quickly' doesn't seem to be in her nature!
I am feeling guilty that my DD gets the brunt of my guilt that neither of them are getting the attention they need.


  • my son was 20 when i had the twins,like you he had the same routine every night with his bath and bottle then bed and a story,when the twins arrived i just couldnt do it anymore,my oh works away mon-fri so i had to do a routine what suited me,for the first 3 months the twins came to bed when i used to go to bed and that suited me but when they were 4 months old i started them in a routine and now i wouldnt be without it,the twins are now 9 months old,they have there last bottle between 5.30-6pm and there both in bed for 6.30 then i have a little time with daniel and i start to get him ready at 7.30 i had to stop giving him a bath every night but hes in bed for 8 and i tell him a story and it really works for me,hope you get it sorted soon

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