anyone used heinz baby stock cubes?

i didn't know these existed until last week - i'd been using boots baby stock cubes up until then.

if you have tried heinz, what are they like - are they like the boots ones in terms of texture, or are they more crumbly like a proper stock cube? i ask because i want to cook a meal for us all tonight but i need to put stock in - i usually crumble a stock cube in but i find i can't really do that with the boots ones??

thought i'd ask before i decide to buy!!!

thanks! xxxxx


  • I haven't! But I use the Boots baby stock cubes all of the time!
    Probably the same sort of thing - I never knew Heinz did them!
  • I found in sainburys last week beef gravy in a packet by Heinz you just add it to food or zap it for 20 secs in the microwave.

  • i've always bout boots but have now bought heinz as they sell them locally - hooray! not used them yet though, sorry!
  • I saw these in my local ASDA. Boots is a lot harder to get to for me so I was pleased to see them. However I read the back and they have a small amount of salt in them. I think it was a very small amount but still think I will stick to boots....
  • just an update - i bought some today as they were 1/3 off in sainsburys. they're still the same texture as boots but i just dissolved them in a tiny amount of water and our dinner tasted fab!!!!

    thanks for your replies xx
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