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I've decided to try swaddling DD as she's not very good at self settling at the moment and I thought it might help, so I've bought a swaddle me wrap to try. I'm worried about her overheating, what should she wear underneath and do you use any bedding as well?

Also, for those of you that swaddle, do you just use swaddling at night or during the day as well for naps?

Liz & Daisy (5 weeks 2 days)


  • Hi. my DS1 liked being swaddled. I used to put him in vest and babygrow, then swaddle with a cotton sheet and put put a blanket over the top if cold. I did have him in Dec so i usually had knitted blanket on the top. I swaddled at night and at lunchtime for his naps . Everytime he went into bed really.

    Gemm x
  • Hi,

    My DS liked being swaddled too, it really helped him settle at night. I weaned him off it when he was about 20 weeks at night because he kept breaking out of it. I still swaddle loosley for naps as I find this helps him to have long naps.

    As little babies, they like to feel secure.With swaddling, it prevents theire startle/moro reflex from waking them too.

    Like Gemm, I'd put DS in a vest, sleepsuit then wrap the miracle blanket around him then cver him with a cellular blanket (up to under his arms). Again, my DS was born in December.

    Gi & Thomas 23 weeks & 3 days
  • Hi - we use the swaddleme as well. I swaddle Toby for all naps (unless we're out in the pram) and at night as well. It definitely helps him sleep longer but at 21 weeks he is pretty good at breaking free so I don't think we'l be doing it for much longer!

    Our house is very warm so at the moment under his swaddle he just wears a short sleeved bodysuit or romper suit. At night I put a cellular blanket over the top as well, although he probably doesn't need it.

    It always seems like I dress Toby in less than everyone else but he is generally a warm baby and got a heat rash when he was only a couple of weeks old so my GP told me to take one layer off (he was wearing a vest under his sleepsuit so we got rid of that).

    C image
  • Hi we've used a swaddleme from the first week and LO has always slept fantastically in it. I'm trying to wean him off it a bit now as we struggled to keep him cool in the hot weather last week as he wouldn't sleep without it. Out of interest has anyone discussed swaddling with their HV? I came across something on the internet last week which said babies shouldn't be swaddled after 1 month as it interferes with their development?? Have never heard that before and LO seems fine but it has worried me a bit x
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