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I know that not everybody experiences the same things. But I really need some advice or help.

My daughter was rushed into hospital over two weeks ago with spots everywhere.Some on her legs were purple. Everything was fine and she was sent home.To this day, she still has them. they gave her cream with stroids in. So when the redness dissapeared but the bumps stayed I took her in again. This time it was exzema. SO got given some stuff that looks like vaseline and some special cream for her face. A day later all the spots are back and red and swollen. Enflamed. They were hot to the touch. Now what? Did anyone have this? Did anyone know what to do? Now before christmas there is no way I can get her back there before. Will have to wait til next week. Meanwhile I have out her back on the other cream and the allergy syrup they gave her seeing as she was getting and feeling a bit better.

Would you also do this? Considering I'm away for xmas. I just need someone to say yeah. I would do that till I can get her back or tell me if you have had this problem and what it's likely to be. Might be allergy related. but what happens if you havent changed anything. Diet and clothes. It's so upsetting. I am crying as much as she is. I have to put socks on her hands and scratch ittens are not ner enough as thick. But she rubs her face raw. without them she makes herself bleed.

Someone please give me a boost.
I'm alone at home everyday and have no one to ask advice to.




  • Thank you. Yeah I have called NHS. So many times...LOL.They said the docs will give cream for the itching.Which they did and worked ok. They said just to ask the docs to refer me to a pedeatrician to test for an allergy.

    Thank you for a response though!!! IF she does not get better by the morning I will get her back in straight away.

  • Bless her, poor little thing and poor you.

    I think your doing the right thing by using everything you've been given.

    Do you have an nhs walk in centre near you? Or near where your going for xmas? then your little girl can be seen by someone and can hopefully help you both feel happier.
  • What about camidoc for your local area? it's an out of hour g.p service x
  • i'd take her back to the hospital or something. my sons body was like that to begin with which turned out to be excema and had the stuff u described but know the excema as gone. i think maybe urs is something diffferent im not sure. they refurred my son on and know they are gonna test him to see if hes milk tolerance because they think thats were the excema came from. its not a quick thing though they dont rush. but depends how bad and the age i think.
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