Labour Tens Machine


I was just wondering if anyone used a Labour Tens Machine, and if so, would you recommend one?

I'm pondering buying one, and keep looking at them, but not sure if they'd be worth the money.

Thanks xx


  • hi

    i brought one for around ??30, and it was a waste of money for me, i didnt even use it! my labour was fairly quick (5 hours) and i completely forgot to use it until it was to late, if you use it, it has to be at the beginning of labour otherwise it wont help. and i put it on when id been in labour for about 1-2hours and just ripped it off because it wasnt doing anything. i know a few ladies that have used it, and it worked for them, so i guess its personal choice. but i wont bother with it this time i dont think.

    ashy x
  • I used one for my first but didn't put it on straight away and ended up having an epidural. Slapped in on at the first twinge with my second and got to 10cm with no other pain relief. I can't be sure it wasn't just easier because it was my second baby, but anyway I will definitely be using it again for number 3. It was a welcome distraction at the very least, and the tingling was like a counter-pressure to the pain.
  • I bought one for my labour at the end of July but to honest i wish i hadn't have bothered. I didn't find it useful for me personally and ended up taking it off. Despite over a 2 day labour i only ended up using gas and air for the last 2 hours!

  • I think it really helped me - I got to the pushing stage before having any other pain relief, then I had G&A. I put it on as soon as I had my first contraction. x
  • Mine was great. we hired from mamatens!
  • It really helped me - really really really! Like PTB says, get it slapped on early and it'll take the edge off. It can't hurt if you have the money. I bought mine from Lloyds Pharmacy and it was ??29.99. I'd rather have paid that to have it there than get to the point of being in labour and not having it, yet thinking it might help iykwim!!!
  • I had the looted labour tens too...about ??25 (found a discount code online). It definitely helped and got me through the last 5hours before we went over to the hospital, whether it was pain relief or just distraction I'm not sure but it worked either way x
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