changing feed?

Its lovely when you see the scan for the first time. I got so choked up i couldnt speak.


  • Hi

    I want to change my 14 week-old baby over from stage 1 aptamil to hungry baby as she's getting through 3 x 7 ounce bottles and 2 x 8 ounce and is still looking for more food and waking at around 4am each morning and guzzling 8 ounces!! she's been like this for more than 2 weeks. was just wondering if you just go cold turkey so to speak and switch the milk for all feeds or gradually introduce it over a few days???

    any tips would be great.

    thanks image)

  • hi lynda, i changed charlie on to aptimal hungry baby from sma gold. I didn't gradually introduce it, i just did a complete swap. my lo had an upset stomach for a little while but it might have been because i changed brand too. Also it took a couple of days before the hungry baby milk started taking effect. x
  • iv changed cameron twice, from sma to c&g comfort, from c&g comfort to c&g first stage. i just did complete swaps both times. he was fine, maybe slightly grouchy for a day but no problems otherwise.
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