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Jumperoo and Playnests

How many of you have the Rainforest jumperoo? How much time does LO spend in it and is it worth getting one? Can I store it away easily? And what age will baby realistically use it until?
All the same questions really for the Galt Playnest (just the ring, not the arches over the top)
I am on the prowl for new baby things, but my OH is quietly getting annoyed with the ever growing baby stuff! Our house looks like a nursery!!
I bought LO an activity centre which she loves, so now I want more!!!!


  • Got our jumperoo at 2.5 months (which was possibly a little young) and he's going to reach the weight 'limit' at around 10.5 months.

    I've found it a great thing as LO is upright and has toys within reach that on't go anywhere.
    I know several people who put LO in it for 1/2 hr at a time, once or twice a day - but they've been bored of it by 8 mths. We do still use ours at 9.5 months but not everyday as he's too busy crawling and cruising. I do think they are worth it if LO likes it as it is something that keeps them upright and they can create their own fun with the bouncing.

    They do fold in but it still has a fairly big foot print but probably smaller than one of the baby swings to give you an idea.

    Don't know about the ring as never bothered with it.
  • Hi

    to be honest neither store great quiet bulky but both I think are greatly little man loves his jumperoo he spends loads of time in it! And the playnest he loves too sits in their playing happy x
  • Like Samantha we have both and both are bulky - but I put them in the corner of the room and figure it won't be forever!

    My lo, 8 1/2 months, still uses both. He loves the jumperoo (he always loved to jump but my arms couldn't take it!) but he will only spend 5/10 mins in at a time. If I pop out of the room and he's in it, when I come back he's usually just standing in it. He's at that stage now - trying to pull himself up on everything.

    Although he can sit by himself he still likes to be in the nest and it's a way of keeping him semi-contained. He will sit happily in it and play while I do cooking so it keeps him from under my feet. I got mine from ebay for ??8 so really can't complain!

  • We bought our jumperoo when lo was 4mths old, he loved it straightaway and would spend 15mins twice a day in there. Once he ws 6mths he enjoyed it more and would spend 30mins in there. A god send when I had housework to be done or just wanted to sit down!
    It is really bulky though, so we just left it up. When he was 8 and a half months he refusd to go in it anymore and would just scream if we tried to put him in, so it's under the stairs for the next baby. I wish I'd bought one off ebay second hand.

    We also had the playnest, I found that lo looked uncomfortable in it until he was about 3 and a half months, but then it was used until he was 8mths (when i came downstairs the cat was sleeping in it, and it burst the ring with it's claws trying to get out, I still haven't been able to find a replacemnt ring) otherwise we'd still be using it now and lo is 10mths.
    It was a god send when lo couldn't quite sit up and could just loll against the ring. I could also move it around the house and put lo in it and I knew he'd be safe.

    Both are definatley worth there weight in gold

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  • You could always get one 2nd hand on ebay and re-sell if it causes a problem/when they grow out of it? That way you get to give it a try.

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