Out of Hours?

There is a whole new forum on BE called out of hours. Anyone know what it is for?!


  • its apparently for the 3am club lol. anyone who wants to post at night meant to use that?
  • Yep, it's so that all of the insomniacs can gather in one place :lol:
  • Hellooooo, hope you don't mind me crashing, I saw this on the home page. I requested it because I came on late one night and there were 3 or 4 people online but all from different forums and there was no one to talk to in the forums I usually go in so thought it would be a good idea so if you are on late at night there is somewhere to go and chat to people about anything without searching all the other forums and clogging them up with off topic threads.
  • I think it's a great idea, how late do we think it has to be to count as out of hours?
  • Good Idea! See you there!
  • Bedhead, I am sure there is no time limit just if you log on and there are only a few people online and no one you would ordinarily talk to in whatever forums you usually use.

    I have had awful insomnia since getting pregnant and am sure I have some sleepless nights ahead of me lol!!
  • I ahve noticed that after about 11pm the numbers decrease alot.

    out of hours gp usually means after 8pm but as thats when most of us are online, I would probably say after the average person goes to bed!

    I think I may be in seeing several of u in there! x
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