defrosting chicken purees?

I have chicken and veg puree in the freezer and want to give it to Sam. He likes it room temperature. Can I defrost it in microwave until it's the right temperature? Should I defrost it in microwave and then cook it until piping (like I would with just veg) then let it cool? I am a bit scared of cooking/defrosting chicken - help!


  • personally i wld deforst, cook then cool to make sure any bacteria is dead, just defrosti,ng it to room temp cld levae alot of nasties behind , so i'd go for the safest option and cook to piping hot, which is what i do with ds who also like's his food room temp, just means i have to heat it 30mins before h'ell want it xx
  • Thanks as always - that's what I'll do then!
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