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As some of you know I moved 150 miles away from home about 4 months ago. I have been a little home sick. Just what I expected though...finding it hard to be away from my Mum and friends, starting again etc etc. But today I have this real urge to just pack and go. Oh is a work, Freya is in bed and I am waiting for the inlaws to turn up. I am due to go home for 4 days at the begining of March but as the feeling is so strong today I am worried I won't want to come back. My Mum cried down the phone at me the other night and asked me to come home as she is finding it hard me being so far away....and of course she misses Freya and will miss out on a lot of this baby when she arrives. These are her first grandchildren.

I just wanted to get it off my chest in the hope that the feeling will just go away, I'm sure it doesn't help that I have only had 6 hours sleep in the last 2 nights and am currently 7 months pg.

Any advice would be apprciated from those who have gone through this. Does it get easier??

Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump


  • Sorry hun I live about 20 miles from my family so don't know what you are going thru. However my pil's live about 100 miles or so away from us and they miss seeing Charlotte (and us). They visit more now we have Charlotte.
    What we have done is both purchased a web-cam so we can video call each other once a week so they can see us all and see how lo is growing. Not sure if your family are on internet but if they are it's a great idea to get one and you may feel less homesick then if you see them and they can see Freya and your Pink Bump! xxxx
    hth ((hugs))

    Just to add we video call each other thru Skype as it's free to call other Skype users on the internet.

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  • I have suggested that to my Mum, but I will give her time. She has just learnt how to check her e-mail, even now if something happens ahe isn't so sure about I get a phone call so I can giver her step by step guide on how to get the computer to do what she wants it to do. LoL. When it come to computers it is one small baby step at a time. I will get her one for xmas tho and teach her.

    Thanks hun,
    X X X
  • Hi.

    Can I just share this with you. Not being rude or nothing ....

    150 miles is a really long way away from friends, family and people you truely care about. My journey started 7 years ago when I moved away from my family which lives in South Africa. With time it heels that I am so far, but when things go bad you always want to be there for your family but in my case its not easy as I am not financially strong enough to go as many times a year as I want to.

    I now have a perfect 28-month old daughter and yes your mum is right they do miss out on all the development and small things the kids get up to. My mom wasnt there when my daughter was born. She only saw her 6 days after. With another planned pregnancy later on in the year my mum and dad will miss out on everything once again.

    I made a choice to come over here and stay for a better future for me, my girl and husband. I dont want to trade it for the world. The only thing I would want to change is the fact that the weather isnt nice enough for us to go and do stuff like in South Africa.

    I hope it helps.

    Melanie and Emma image
  • Hi there, so sad to read to your message there, but totally sympathise with you...I thought I was the only one....and trying to work out if its pregnancy hormones or geniune homesickness. I moved to Ireland from Guernsey two years ago and am now nine weeks pregnant with my first baby. These last few weeks I have been terribly homesick. I miss my friends as well as the island to the point where I have woken up in floods of tears. I kept it to myself for ages but told my partner there about two days and am glad I did. I thought he would take it personally as he is from here in Ireland, but he said that he is not surprised as it must be hard being pregnant without my close friends and family around and has suggested that we take a trip over there soon.
    I have thought about going back for a holiday but I too fear if I go back it will just make these feelings worse. I am not sure if it is just pregnancy hormones or geniune homesickness, but since talking to my partner I am trying to be a bit more upbeat and positive. 150 miles is a long way, but maybe if you could work out how many times this year you can get home for a visit and how many times this year your friends and family can come to visit you it might make it easier? I have a very close friend living in Belfast which is about 3 hours drive away from me, but we have agreed that once a month she will come to us on a Saturday and stay over and vice versa.
    I think the key is to make lots of little goals in terms of getting home for visits etc. Hope that helps :O)
  • Thanks girls.

    I have told my oh how I feel. Like Emmajo I moved to make a better life for my family as where we were living before we had no money.

    I feel better today....but still homesick. I find myself getting angry at oh for the smallest of things, I don't want to compromise with him...I don't want to have to ask him for anything I am expecting him to read my mind!! I no that is hormones but its not helping my home sickness. My oh says he understands but I don't think he really does. He has moved lots through out his life. In childhood and because of a Navy career. Where he lives at the time is home its not the same for me. He is very surpportive.

    I'm sure its just a mixture of lots of things. Every time I go home I make arrangements to go back for another vist or they come here so I have something to look forward too. But baby is due in 9 weeks time so after the birth going home will a problem for a while. I have had our in-laws down for the weekend and that helped. None of my friends have come up for a visit, but to there defence they all have jobs and young families. And it's not as if I am just 30mins down the road anymore.

    Thanks again girls
    X X X
  • Oh Kerry Im so upset to read your post image We all miss you loads too. Esp yesterday at the party, it just wasnt the same without you. I can tell by talking to Chelle she really misses you too ;(
    I feel like a shit now for not coming up to see you but we WILL I promise. Its not easy, but that is no excuse! After you have Erin you just try and stop me from visiting! I will talk to Dave and def get something planned. Really looking forward to seeing you for mine and Charlies bday!
    Im always here if you need to talk but you have to keep telling OH if your really not happy. I do think hormones are partly to blame tho. Its not easy being pregnant even when you do have support close by! I hope you feel better soon hun and bigs cyber hugs, 11 days and counting!! x x x x x x x
  • Ohh Sarah I didn't mean to make you feel guilty, sorry. I would find it difficult to get to see you if it were the other way round. I will be around to see you and the girls on your birthday, promise. 11 days to go......

    I spoke to other half and he says this doesn't have to be a permanant move, it's just a steping stone to get him where he wants to be with in his career and help us to be better off and live an easier life.

    Thanks again girls
    X X X
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