long haul flight with 17month old

hi, (also it toddler)
just wondered if any mummies or daddies have any advice of things to take/not take, how to entertain kids or just useful info....other than dont do it!! ha.
cat, DS 16 months and 20+1 weeks pregnant xxx


  • Hi, I haven't travelled long haul with a toddler yet (My LO is only 7.5 months old) but one tip from a friend of mine who has done the London-NZ trip several times with her toddler, is to take a mixture of familiar toys and also new toys. Wrap them up in gift paper as unwrapping them can occupy them for a time as well. Bring out a new toy every hour or so and take the old toy away - it can reappear 5 hours later and be like new again!
  • We're doing long haul to NZ from London this Wednesday with 20m old DD. we've not got room for barely any toys though as we're emigrating and got to live out of what is in our suitcases for 3 months until all our shipping arrives!

    I'm dreading the trip but praying as both legs are nightflights (with overnighter in hotel
    Near airport in hong kong) that Juliet will sleep...reaaaaaaaallly hoping! I've bought 4 sticker books and felt tip pens & colouring book. Now, I'm worrying I should have more toys but I just don't think there's the room!

    I'll try post any tips I have once we arrive as I'll probably know better then. Good luck....I'm going to try and stay very relaxed no matter what happens....oh and we're going to let her have free reign on the dummy which is only allowed at bedtimes. Am hoping for a lot of mileage out of that!
  • Are you a NZ'er Lizzie77? I'm a Kiwi and have done the London-Auckland trip return, but Hugo was 3 months old then so a bit easier! We're going back for another holiday in March when he'll be 15 months so a bit more mobile then!
  • Mine are both older now but a portable DVD player was a Godsend when we flew (shorthaul) when DS was about 2. Xx
  • Hi - we just recently returned to NZ from London permanently too. Toby was only 5 months then so didn't have the entertainment problems but I would also recommend you bring a couple of familiar things (eg anything that she sleeps with) as well as a couple of new things if you can. You could always buy the new things at the airport and get cheapies that you can throw away after the flight or leave on the plane if it's too much to carry? Otherwise really cheap entertainment is just walking up and down the plane every couple of hours to look at the all the people image You'll find people who want to talk to you and/or play with your LO I'm sure.

    Lizzie77 - what shipping co did you use?
    Have they picked your stuff up yet? I have some tips/info you might find useful - feel free to e-mail me image

  • thanks everyone!
    deffo try out some of those tips, particular like the wrapping paper ha!
    lizzie77 good luck with your flight xxx
  • Charlotte, our stuff went yesterday. Used pickfords....hoping it all arrives sooner rather than later! Where in NZ are you?

    Cat - I'll definitely post my tips (or more likely, what not to do - learn from me'!!)

    Definitely dreading it as 24weeks pregnant and keep needing to constantly wee agggh! Least we have bought Juliet a seat so she won't be sat pressing on my poor bladder for 24 hours of flying!!
  • Oh you're at the worst bit now - in limbo between having your things packed up and shipped off but before actually leaving!! I hate living out of suitcases soooo much.

    We used Anglo Pacific for shipping so advice given may differ but just thought I'd mention that you should prepare yourself for the possibility that you won't get your stuff for ages even after the ship has docked. Ours docked on 13 July and we have yet to receive our things. We've had it confirmed that it's all there but they are still waiting for various MAF and customs clearances, aaarrgh! So frustrating - I'm dying without the cot and highchair (using travel cot for sleeping and a mat on the floor for eating!).

    Also I'm sure you will already have checked out various antenatal healthcare bits and pieces but also be aware that Juliet will need to have some catch up immunisations when she gets here as they immunise for a couple of things here (eg Hep B) that they don't in the UK. Not sure if you're a NZer returning home or a Brit emigrating so sorry if you already know this but you should contact Plunket when you get here - if you have no idea what I'm talking about feel free to e-mail!

    C image

    PS We are in Wellington - where are you moving to?
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