Drooling baby

My lo is coming 6 weeks and for last few days has been drooling soo much! I'm constantly wiping her wee chin lol She's quite grizzly and chews her fist a lot also. Any ideas? She has colic but these are new developments.
Please tell me this is normal and not early teething- eek!!
Rosa x


  • Yeah, sounds like a development thing, Gabe started chewing his fist at about the same age but didn't teethe until 6 months, cut the 1st tooth at 7 months. They never stop dribbling as far as I know...a 3 year old my mil looks after sucks his thumb and dribbles loads - nice! Even adults dribble in their sleep sometimes...not me, honest! xx
  • Phew! Thanks girls image Was a 'friend' who hinted towards teething and nearly gave me a heart attack- just getting used to the colic lol
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