How do we progress to finger food?

Ruby adores her food and while she LOVES to hold a rusk or an organix carrot stick or something and suck it, if a bit comes off in her mouth an she tries to swallow it, she will gag and usually be sick.

I have tried making her purees a little thicker but the same thing happens.

How did your lttle ones progress? I have to add water if i give her a jar (heinz stage 1) as they are too 'jelly like' and she gags...
She is fine with ellas kitchen and the plum range but all stage 1 still.

She is now 7 months old and has been weaned since 4 months.

I want to give her toast and things but when i do, she just keeps gagging..

Anu suggestions please?



  • Stick with it and she'll learn! It's horrible at first, they do tend to gag a lot but the more they have the more they learn to chew and the easier it becomes. I started mine off on toast with no crusts, breadsticks and rice cakes at about 7 months. The Organix range is great as it's designed to melt once it's in the mouth so shouldn't need much chewing. Give her a few weeks and you won't look back-good luck!
  • I agree with Zoe, just keep trying...I was quite lucky as Gabe took to self -feeding straight away and never gagged...I would start to gradually thicken the food she eats and add a few soft lumps, very slowly. She needs to learn to chew before she can eat finger food properly (rusks etc you can suck but it doesnt really teach them) - some babies start chewing straight away but others don't!
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