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Wonder if I can call upon your experience on car seats. I've been using a Maxi-cosi cabriofix with isofix base and have been really happy with it. My LO is now over 9kg, so I'm starting to think about what to buy next. I'm considering:-

Maxi-cosi Axiss which looks good because it has a swivel seat.
Maxi-cosi Priori/Tobi
Recaro young sport - great safety record and will do up until 12 years
Recaro young expert (plus) - forward facing with or without isofix
Recaro polaric - rear facing so the safest of them all

Also, is it worth getting an Isofix one? Unlike the infant carrier, which I carry in/out of the house all of the time, I can't imagine taking this next stage one out of the car (and we only have 1 car), so is there any other point?

Is anyone using any of the above? I'd really appreciate any comments, good or bad, that you can pass on. Thanks xx

P.S. Sorry if I'm repeating old information, I did have a quick check in history as I thought I recalled a similar post but couldn't find it!


  • i havent used any of the seats mentioned but i would go rearfacing everytime! the britax first class is fab
  • I have maxi cosi priory xp. we have just put ds2 into it and his older brother was in it previous.

    They both sleep fine in it and seem comfy. It is easy to take in and out if needed, but we don't often take it out. I bought a separate head cushion for it this time, so head is as protected as it is in the tobi and ds2 looks even more comfy!

    Good luck!

  • I've just ordered the axiss but cant comment yet as it hasn't arrived yet ...
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