Post-birth bleeding

Can those have you who've had your babies please help?

How long did you bleed after your baby was born?

Claudia is three weeks old today and my bleeding hasn't stopped yet. I really can't remember how long it lasted after my first baby was born. This time I had a few problems with the third stage - the cord snapped when they were trying to get the placenta out. I had to push it out myself, which was a total nightmare. At one point I thought they were going to transfer me to hospital. Afterwards though, I felt ok and thought I was recovering well, until Claudia was one week old when I started losing huge clots and what was clearly chunks of the placenta. I've had a course of antibiotics and am feeling much better now, but my bleeding is all over the place. Sometimes it seems to have pretty much stopped, then all of a sudden it will come back heavily. And in the last couple of days its has become heavy and very red again. Sorry if TMI!

Can anyone offer a word of wisdom or two???


  • yeah 6 weeks for me but the odd spotting after so kept wearing a pad until a week ago. x

  • I bled for 8 1/2 weeks, and about 5 weeks of it was heavy. Mentioned it at my 6 week check up and the doctor wasn't very concerned, just said 'keep an eye on it!' It varies hugely from person to person.

    Corinna x
  • i bled for over 6 weeks with my 1st quite heavy too xx
  • i cant remember how long it was with my first two but with this little one the bleeding stopped 3 days ago when charlie was 3weeks and 1 day old x
  • about 3 weeks for me after normal birth. my sister in law had a section and bled for 4-5 weeks ans was quite heavy, a few times she leaked though pad, knickers and jeans about 3 weeks after the section.
  • Section for me and bled for 4 weeks - very light though after the first 2 days.

  • I can't quite remember how long it was but I know it seemed for ages as I was starting to get really worried but thankfully it stopped in the end. TMI but it was kind of a brownish colour for a long time before it stopped completely.
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