Divas 2

anybody watching??? Very close to my heart this subect along with cervical cancer - sending love to any ladies who have had or had scares or it runs in the family like mine



  • I'm watchin. its fab!! xx
  • yea what a fab program wish i was there for it and a fab cause its something that is close to all of us in one way or another xxxxooh and next week boys night i hope there is some hotties lol xxx
  • I am sky+ ing it - can't miss Strictly lol!

    Is is just me or John Barrowman an extremely sexy man??? (or have I still got too much alcohol in my system)!

    I lost my mum to Ovarian Cancer and there is a lot of the same gene running through our family so yeah - cancer charities are close to my heart too

  • I think you have far to much alcohol still in you lol

    Cervical cancer - every female on my mums side has had it as soon as they hit 25 so as im 25 next year its a bit of a worry

  • ooh that last song actually made me cry its amazing how when u listen to words of a song and think of what it actually means it gets u .....xxx
  • Can you have genetic testing done hon - it might put your mind at rest! I have had it done - it was just a blood test! That way you will be monitored in the correct way and it might ease your mind one way or the other.

    It is a huge step to take - wanting to know/not wanting to know pros and cons both ways but if you want to email me I can tell you a little bit bout getting it done!
  • yeah that would be great - I have been offered it but just being a big scaredy!!!!
  • it was really good
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