My BS with pics

My baby girl Grace Elizabeth D***** was born on Saturday night at 9.49 pm weighing 8lbs 15 1/2 oz !! Here is a link to my birth story

Thanks to everyone who helped on my induction thread- as you can see it didnt get to that lol - although I didnt manage to give birth in the water I did get in for a few hours. I did end up having to have baby lifted out with forceps (basically incompetant mw didnt assess me and stopped me pushing for ages so I lost my good contractions grrrr) but baby was never in trouble or distressed and it was only her being at a tricky angle and being so big lol and I left hospital the next day after giving birth at 9.49pm on Saturday night. Whilst it wasnt all strictly according to plan I'm still glad it wasnt an induction and my waters broke naturally and I got so far naturally- I still would have refused induction!

a very happy

michelle & grace 3 days


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