When oh when oh when will she finally cut a tooth?!

Hi ladies

DD is nearly 9 months and still no teeth (which from reading on here I know isn't that uncommon!).

However today I noticed that I can see a little 'bud' on her bottom gum on the left (can't yet feel it with my finger though).

Can anyone tell me roughly how long it will be before that tooth breaks free properly?

Poor little thing has been struggling with them recently and I so want one to cut for her...



  • My DD didn't get her first tooth until she was 11 months old although she showed signs of teething (red cheeks etc.) from 4 months. I remmeber her going off of her food on a Monday and my sister commenting that it couldn't be a tooth as there was nothing on her gum, by the Thursday the tooth was through. All of hers have been like that, breaking through about 2/3 days after I could see them under the gum. The good thing was as soon as they broke the gum she seemed a lot happier.
  • we have had a tip since 15 weeks and 10 weeks on we still dont have a full tooth through!
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