How much water???

Can someone please put my mind at rest? How much water should my lo (14 months) be drinking in a day...

He has 8oz of milk first thing and 8oz of milk before bed, but during the day he drinks (on average) about 40oz of water... Is this normal?

Sara x


  • ide say thats quite alot thb. maybe speak to your hv to make
  • Isaac will drink 2 bigs cups of water a day or if its hot he will sometimes have 3, He has milk before bed, I dont really know how much his cup holds tho so cant really help with amounts.

    How are you doing, I love your scan picture it is making me go all broody again, I would have loved to have twins. xx
  • Hi
    My lo - nearly 15 months - is drinking quite a lot of water too... unsure about the amounts but it'll be anywhere between 4-6 cups, although to be fair they're not hugely deep cups! I am going to go to see my hv just to put my mind at rest and maybe rule certain things out... but also it could be this weather where its been warmer than normal. Either that or habit!! Have you been to your hv?
  • Thank you for all your replies, i'm taking him to the hv on Monday to check... He was poorly about 2 weeks ago and ever since then he has been off his food and only wants to drink...

    Hayley - Why don't you have another one (or two) then???

    Sara x
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