A quick question - when is ok for babies to have mushrooms?

My mum gave Louise a pasta dish with mushrooms in it, I didn't think about whether she have them or not till we got home!

Louise is 8 months, has most foods now!




  • I never knew about not giving mushrooms to lo's until after Charlotte had them!!
    I cooked them in a spag bol when she was 8 months old. i make sure I fry them in some oil first before adding to the sauce. I don't think she's too keen on them though cos made a creamy pork casserole with chestnut mushrooms in and she never eats it. The mushrooms do smell strong though!
    I LOVE mushies - lovely with an english breakfast....drool...!!!
  • I'm not sure when they should or shouldn't have them from. However I do know that for some reason they can really irritate some peoples tummies-this can be worse if they are 'boiled/cooked in a sauce' rather than fried-not sure why. I have to avoid them and mentioned it to a consultant at the hospital who said it can be very common.
  • thanks,

    i've tried googling it but have found nothing so maybe they're fine! my dh was worried as they are a fungi.
  • I think I heard 8-9 months somewhere. This is when I started giving them to lucas.
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