worried about Grace

Sorry, I posted this in General and realised it wasn't really the best place.

Basically I am worried about her because she has realy really lose nappies.

When I say lose, what I really mean is she is weeing through her bottom.
Plus it is so so smelly. not like oh dear, I mean, you need a peg smelly.

She is perfectly happy in herself, thriving, developing fine but it is just so horrid for her.

We started weaning her at 17 weeks after a good chat with the HV who was more than happy for her to go on food as she was deffo ready for it and she has been fine up till now.
Her weight is OK. She is 14lb 1oz. No sickness so I don't think it is gastro.

Any ideas ladies?


  • when cams 2nd tooth came through his nappies where disgusting. gooey and slimy and smelt fowl (almost like a fishy smell) so perhaps her pegs are on their way?
    no other suggestions though, but if your worries take her the docs...with an example nappy to show them!
  • Sounds like food is going straight through but not sure how you can bulk it up. Could it be too much fibre? Some toddlers get this and there is no treatment-it just goes by itself. Have to watch she doesn't get sore!
    What about activia for a week???/
  • I thought that, and they were like that for a while a few weeks ago but it seems to be getting so much worse. Seems to be as soon as she eats she goes.
  • what foods is she eating? is she stil weeing as well as pooing?
  • She is having cow and gate jars when we are out and about and when we are in I am trying to blend up what we eat to get her used to it.

    When her nappies are poo free she seems to be weeing OK. Nothing major. If anything I'm not sure she is going enough if that makes sense.

    I remember with my other 2 they had to be changed every couple of hours but she can go half a day if we are out and still be fine.. it will be wet obvioulsy but not soaking and heavy.
  • wade was like that last wk we had to switch his milk to a lactose free one for 2days and now his fine his back on his normal milk.
  • She is already on Infasoy. Has been for 5 months now. I tried changing her back to the comfort stage 2 and that was no better after a few days.
  • How old is she now??? Just wanted to check before I answer!
  • Well I think I would get her seen then - even if she is happy and thriving as it doens't sound normal at all to be having nappies like that constantly! It maybe a reaction to something she is eating or some kind of infection of the gut -defo worth getting it checked out!
  • That's what i was thinking. I did have her in the surgery on Friday as she has a nasty cough and mentioned it then but the doc seemed to ignoe that bit.

    I'll see if I can get an appointment for later.

    cheers ladies.
  • Its a puzzle isnt it?!
    better safe than sorry though so id def take her docs o get her seen to. And give her plenty water to drink cos runny poop can make them dehydrated.
    let us now how she gets on
  • i would def see doctor as hv allways ask if nappies are normal and graces def arnt normal. could you praps feed grace before your appointment so she may do a nappy whilst there. we had opposite prob with daisy and fortunately she did a nappy whilst in docs they referred her to the hospital. hope she gets sorted x
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