Ignore please told off by OH lol

sorry been told to delete!

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  • Yay, well done.

    Cant say for certain but I have irregular af because I'm on themini pill but whenever I do have one it always starts following sex.

  • Thankyou, god i feel like a blushing schoolgirl writing it on here! lol
  • Can I ask a few questions?!?! Were getting closer but I still can't.....

    1) why did it take you so long and 2) was it a mental fear that put you off? 3) did it hurt?

    I am absolutely terrified, and my hubby is being so good but I really need to get my head round this issue
  • Hi MrsT, course you can
    It took so long because i was scared of the pain, scared i would be 'loose' (ss) and just wasnt over the fact that id popped a little person out of there yet!
    It was sore the first time it went in (sorry tmi) then it wasnt so bad a tiny bit uncomfortable but just used lots of KY.
    I was terrified too, up til last night. We attempted it when i wasnt really ready and it didnt work out so the only advice i can give you is wait until you feel ready, and hubby always has his right hand lol
  • I'm scared not because something melon sized came out of a tiny hole but because of the episostomy and then tearing as well, I'm just really frightened about it hurting.... Hubby keeps referring to the 'deed' as our bottle of wine night, where I express milk for LO and get absolutely bladdered, we have sex LOL because otherwise I'm not sure I'm going to be able to image

    Dreadful isn't it? I had no idea our dry patch would be 3 mnths or more
  • Just take it really slow hun and stop if/when you need too and use loads of lube!
    To me it doesnt sound as if you are ready yet but if you feel you are then by all means go for the wine option get the first time over and done with lol
  • OMG Mrs T - I have to say we didn't do the deed until about 9 months I think - I just was NOT ready I too was breastfeeding and YES the first time I got bladdered and expressed! Really truely don't feel you are the only one as you are NOT!!!!!!! Just take your time and do it when ou are ready!
  • HAHA - maybe it was just me that waited so long then :lol: it wasn't that I was worried or scared to be honest just had NO sex drive whatsoever from when I was about 4 weeks preg onwards so hubbie had to be very patient (and prob strengthen his wrist) for well over a year! Have to say it is all getting there again now :lol: !!!!
  • LOL. Bless your oh making you delete it! Maybe he's worried some BE ladies will recognise him in the street!!

    I cant remember who it was but one of the ladies a few months ago mentioned that her fella was less than well endowed so your oh should count himself lucky that you were complementary!!

  • I know bless him, my SIL is a member (pregnant) and he was worried she would see!
  • I know bless him, my SIL is a member (pregnant) and he was worried she would see!
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