WOOOOO! as you all know we've been doing controlled crying for 3 night now, it really hasn't been bad at all, i think she caught on on day one and it's never taken longer than 10mins to get her back to sleep. last night though..... she slept 7pm - 6am!!!!! first time in 6 and a half months that she has slept through. so, those of you who have a baby that wakes - i recommend CC so so much image im in such a good mood today!


  • Congrats on getting a good nights sleep!!
    We never tried proper CC as such but we never picked lo up when crying in cot - unless of course we knew something was wrong and we left her when crying then checked on her etc but not timing anything. Anyway it worked for us as well and now our lo (19 weeks) has been able to go into her cot in her nursery and she's sleeping fine (actually in there now having a nice nap)! She was in our room but starting to wake more during the night - she's much happier in her big comfy cotbed!
    I think you should go out & buy yourself the biggest choccie cake to celebrate with!!
  • image Wel done! I'm so jealous :lol:
  • im jealous too but well done! xxx
  • Horay! Well done! Once Millie slept through for the first time after the controlled crying she never woke in the night again (unless she was ill) so here's to many more good nights sleep!
  • Oh congrats!

    Really pleased for you both I'm thinking about cc but lo is still being bf so usually wakes at about 2am for a feed hes 6 months should he be able to sleep through yet?

    Anyway hope it continues! image
  • can any one explain cc fully to me as would like to try it but need intricate instructions! lol lo is still in our room will it still work? xx
  • Should still work but wil be harder as you won't be able to just turn down the baby monitor!
    Basically the idea is that you put lo down in their cot sleepy but still awake and leave the room (or hide!) if they cry you leave them and go back after a set length of time, say 1 min to start with. When you go back the idea is to shush them and then leave again. This time you wait a little bit longer before going back to comfort them, say two minutes. You carry on like that untill they fall asleep by themselves. If they wake in the night you do exactly the same thing, that's the bit that will be harder if you are in the same room as you will have to listen to them cry!
    It normally takes a few days to work, with less crying each day.
  • he is still having a night feed does this make a difference? he used to sleep threw but dosnt now so i wanna get him back to it xxx
  • How old is he? If he still needs the night feed then you may have to put up with him waking once for the time being. I seem to remember that once they are having three proper meals a day they don't need a night feed anymore.
  • ok illm try bare with it for a while and try it. he is 5 months old xxx
  • sunnymummy, we were feeding evie when she woke in the night purely because it got her back to sleep. at 5months and so on there is no need to feed them in the night, they dont need it, if they appear to want it then it's generally out of habbit. the way we've been doing CC is to feed her in her bedroom at bedtime, in the dark as always, once she's finished with bottle, put in sleeping bag, quick cuddle then put down and go out the room. if she cries, we wait for one minute, go back in. now the idea is to get in and out the room as quick as poss, no picking up, no cuddling or moving baby... what we did is put our hang on her chest so she knows we're there and say "go to sleep evie, love you" quietly but firmly, then walk out, NO EYE CONTACT (that one is important!). then if she cries we wait for two minutes.. repeat then 3mins etc. it does seem cruel but it doesnt do them any emotional harm, it's just teaching them how to re-settle themselves rather than needing milk/dummy/cuddle etc and i think i've proven that if you persevere and are consistant about it it can work miricles!!
  • Just read your last post linziMc. Ever thought of becoming a HV - you sound like you really know what you are doing. Fancy coming round my house to give me some more tips!! xxx
  • haha! thanks ccbmommy! only really know my stuff frm wut others on here and my own HV have taught me... but hey i think i'd make a pretty good HV, i'd kick all of your HV's butts as they all sound nasty and really rubbish. lol! maybe i should think about that as a career move!
  • how did evie do last night hun? xx
  • evie has slept through for two nights now sunnymum21!! xx
  • brilliant! thats pleased for you. bet you feel so much better dont you! xx
  • tbh we're both shattered coz we've had TOO MUCH sleep! how crazy is that? lol. we're not used to having a solid nights sleep! xx
  • I WAS! but my bliss was shattered nearly 3 weks ago! (sniff sniff sniff)
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