What are you having for dinner tonight???

We're having roast beef, roast potatoes, yorkshire puddings, gravy and green beans!


C xxxxx


  • Oooh can I come to your house purlease?
  • I've just had two boiled eggs - crap I know but hubby is away working and I really couldn't be bothered to cook a proper meal!
  • i've made chicken tikka masala, dh's fav so am in the good books, was very yummy
  • Yes, all welcome!

    My hubby is cooking!!!

    Haven't eaten Roast Beef for 23 years! Yummmmmmmmmmm - was veggie before I had Daisy!!!

  • Nothing probably ! Cant be bothered to eat these days, however if someone cooked me a meal like Mrsbuttons i'd be scoffing away right now !!!
  • Tuna pasta bake. We had the in-laws for lunch so I needed something quick and easy that Peter could eat as well. We're having roast chicken tomorrow, husband is cooking. :\)
  • I'm making up (STILL!) for all those months when I was pregnant and too poorly to eat anything - 9 months of that!!!!!! xx
  • Mrs Buttons - please can I come round, too?!

    ALthough we've treated ourselves to M&S dine in for ??10, so we've got steak, parmentier potatoes and choccie mousse for pud! Will probs do some veg as well!!!
  • Oooh news hot off the presses! The menu has just been barked from the kicthen! tonight it is..... drum roll please..... lamb steaks, jacket potatoes, and mint salad! Sounds promising!

    Fingers crossed pudding is as good!
  • I had half a tin of Heinz soup, first thing I've eaten all day, reeeaallllly not feeling well! :cry:
  • I was very lazy and had a chinese! And it was loverly too! Back to the diet tomorrow, although more out of necessity than choice, cos i've just done a tesco shop online and its not coming til tuesday!! xxx
  • Roast dinner was delicious - now awaiting pudding!!!!

  • We had fried egg sarnies - we went out for pub lunch!
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