Sore Skin Creases

My DD has red patches in her armpit and elbow creases, behind her knees and in her neck creases. She also suffers from really dry skin.

The HV has given us Cetraben Emolient cream which works fabulously on her dry skin, but not her sore creases. I think it makes them stay damp and sticky.

I always dry her really carefully after a bath, but was wondering if a bit of talc would help in these areas?

Anyone got any ideas?

B xx


  • My lo had lots of creaaes as he was a proper chubba, and the health visitor said to just try my best to keep them dry, letting them air (if on bum area) and if possible try not to put any cream on them...unless it gets really bad. It might be worth not putting cream on those areas for a couple of days and seeing if that has any effect.
  • My lo always had sore creases too, just gently wipe them with warm water and cotton wool then dry as best you can. As he gets older and grows they'll have more exposure to the air and the redness will go. My Los now 12months and his armpits are still a little red and cheesy (eww) but everywhere else is clear now xx
  • Hi
    My daughter has got a harness on permanently for a few weeks for her hip so her legs are bent out at the sides all the time so she's got creases constantly and they've started looking a bit sore so I put a bit of sudocrem and it really helped.
  • A bit of talk after the bath should help as it will dry the creases out where it's hard to get to. When my lo has had sore creases I've also put a bit of his nappy cream in them and it clears them quickly. x
  • Fab, thank you ladies!

    B x
  • I'm so glad to read this!

    God sorry not coz of your little girl but I'm having the same with emily. The doc prescribed her cetrabam last week for her mild ezcma and oh my god did it make the creases behind her legs so so sore!! I was quite shocked at how overnight her tiny ezcma patch turned into a huge spread across the whole back of her leg. When I went back to the doc and suggested it was because it was too greasy and the area needed to be dry she said no it needed to stay moisurised. Anyway sorry for my ramble but i have found sudocream on her creases really good as it's a much thicker dryer cream.

    Hope she gets better soon hon
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