what age did you first take lo swimming?

My lo is 11 weeks and he LOVES water! He has had his 1st lot of jabs so we'd love to take him swimming but didnt know if he was too young?
also what do they wear? x


  • my HV said that you can take them the day they are born dependent on if they are healthy and they dont need their jabs before you can go aswell.

    i took my LO when she was a few weeks old i think, i had her in a swim nappy and a little swimming costume. she loves the water and have just started taking her to private swimming lessons. shes 17 months now

    so yes he is fine to go swimming. if he loves water he will love swimming!
  • I have been looking into taking my LO (when they arrive that is) as the majority of classes local to me start between 10-12 weeks. Different places seem to specify different requirements when it comes to what to wear so might be worth checking out some websites of venues close to you x
  • She was about 4/5 weeks I think, I know it was before she had her jabs. She loved it, she wore a swim nappy and we got her a little wet suit which helps her stay warmer for longer and also when she gets out as well. She is now nearly 8 months and very happy in the water and just started lessons too.
  • hello

    we started at about 4 months and got him a warming suit x
  • we started at 7 weeks and he has a swimnapppy and a wetsuit. he's just started lessons now hes 4 months old
  • we started classes whe she was about 3 months old. she loves swimming class. they teach the babies to hold on to the sides too!!! she looks like she's doing front crawl now at 6 months lol.
  • DS first went at 3 weeks, DD at 5 (a few days after we escaped from hospital!)

    Look on mothercare's website for a 'baby warmer' which are little wraparound wetsuit things - DS had a 3-6m one which was fine on him even so young.

    Dependant on pool temp you may only be in there 15 minutes though - they shouldn't stay in too long when they are little unless the pool is over about 30 degrees.
  • First at 4 weeks in a hydrotherapy pool with Waterbabies, then about 12 weeks at a local pool in a warmer. He loves it and always has!
  • We went first when she was 11 weeks but the pool was too cool and she got cold very quickly. I left it a few weeks and bought her a wetsuit and we've now been going every week since she was 14 weeks.
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