reuseable nappy

Im thinking about using reuseable nappys, Has anyone got any experience with using them, are they any good??? and do you know where i can get a set without busting the bank as i know it can be very expensive???????????????


  • Bumgenuis all the way ladies recommended them on here, I got mine also from fill your pants, I bought 20.

  • if you're looking for a cheaper alternative coolababy from ebay (they come from chine/hong kong can't quite remember) are a birth to potty kind which alot of the ladies on here recommended to me when i asked what to try to see if i liked them without breaking the bank.

    i also got a set of little lamb try-them-all which is the 4 different kinds of nappy that they do (they come in 2 sizes, size 1 fits upto 20lbs) which was ??35 and i love these soooo much!

    and i'm going to beat mrs setters to her plug...

    stupidly expensive but totally gorgeous! (and slightly addictive once you've bought one i've found haha)

  • we are bum genius fans too. and get cheeky wipes. they are brill.
  • can anyone recommend one that isn't that bulky? We hae totsbots which i like but they are sometimes hard to fit a vest round x
  • itti bittis do take a long time to dry though as the padding is bamboo
  • i love itti bittis and also blueberrys, both very slim fitting and soft. But I also use totsbots and use vest extenders which you can buy on ebay so they fit nicely under vests. they can get bulky with a wrap.
  • i just have her in bigger vests!
  • I use close parent pop in dream dri as my staple nappy and I love them. No leaks during day as dry very quick. Also have bg v3 and others have said they're fab as well but prefer the design of pop ins! Another cheeky wipe fan here too!
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