Lactose Intollerant

Hi Girls,

My LO has been poorly for 10 days now, he had sickness for 1 day and still has diarrhea today. He is happy and his normal self but his milk is just going straight through him.

I had to take a poo sample to the doctors on friday so im still waiting for the results but they think he may have built up a intollerance to lactose.

I have tried him with SMA Soya Formula tonight so will see if that helps. But has anyone else had this? Will he permantly be intollerant to lactose or is it temporary and if it is tempory how long does it last?

How did your LOs react when you switched back to normal formula?




  • Hi,

    My LO was similarly ill for about the same amount of time, but I was told it was normal. I'd be really interetsed to know how you get on.

    My LO had really bad diarrhea for about 2 weeks, but the dr didn't say anything about lactose intolerance or testing a sample. He is absolutey fine now.

    Would you mind updating your status when you find out?

    Thanks Steph

    K xx
  • It is something they can grow out of, I can't advise on formula bcoz I br fed my dd, and gave up lactose myself. But by around 9months + I started to slowly introduce it, and now at 14months she eats everything. The earlier you find out the better, we didn't know till she was 4months. Sometimes it just takes their little digestive systems time to adjust. x
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