Can't do this much more...

I'm exhausted! How long do baby colds generally last?
My lo has had a cold for almost 3 weeks now and is awake from 3am every night as she can't breathe.
We've tried all the usual; Calpol morning and evening, olbas oil, feeding with the shower on in the bathroom, raising the head of the cot.... i'm breastfeeding and she's just waking constantly for snacks. She only sleeps for 30 minutes a time in the day so not enough for me to nap.
Between the two of us we've been ill since Christmas and i think i'm just very run down now.
Bit of a whinge but i'm begining to hate the sound of her waking up cry.


  • Jacks the same- he gets a cold and for weeks we will get no sleep. It gets you down.

    Okay so have you tried steaming? Pop the kettle on hold your child just far away from the steam and blow it towards her. It clears them out really well/ also feed more often- they need more milk when they have a cold. Jack will wake up every two hours in the night for a feed. Try staying in rather than taking her out in the cold and if you have to go out wrap her up really warm.

    The worst of it is meant to be over in 10days- any longer and just pop her to the doctors. I would. x
  • My lo's colds normally last between 2 to 3 weeks. She's just had 1 which wasn't quite as bad as the others she had and she had it for about 10 days.
    If you have tried everything and are getting concerned see your gp who could prescribe something else (or may just recommend Calpol)!

    Whe you are still feeling ill it can make everything a lot harder to deal with. Hope you both get better soon x
  • hey,

    I would take your lo to the doctors. Nosedrops are great at clearing a babies nose when they have a cold. Nasosol are great but my doc also prescribed some with a degongestant in once which were great.

    It sounds like your lo just cant shift it so some calpol or baby neurofin would probably really help.

    How old is your lo?
  • You have my sympathy. Archie sleeps on his tummy which may help if you feel safe enough to try it for a few sleeps.
  • big hugs to u both hun xx xx
  • My lo also sleeps on his tummy now which does help as the snot just runs out... all over the sheets mind you but at least he can sleep..... sorry tmi
  • It nice to hear some other mummies putting lo to sleep on their tummy, ny hv makes me feel awful for doing so.

    Neway back to the post, have you tried feeding her whilst you are lying down, that way you can get a bit of sleep too, might have to kick oh out of bed tho

  • Thanks for all your replies.
    I took her to the doctors yesterday and he said just to perservere. I know i should try and be objective about it but i can't as its my daughter!
    She's now 3 months old.
    I'm going to try putting her to sleep on her side tonight - she doesn't like being on her front. Tries too hard to hold her head up.
    The nasosal doesn't have much of an effect. I'll try a bowl of hot water when she wakes at 3am. We've ended up bathing her at that time before now in an attempt to ease the congestion.
    She's also not feeding well at all as she can't breathe properly. I'm trying to let her feed whenever she wants it but she's not put on much weight in ages. She's gone down from the 75th centile to just above the 25th...
    Heres hoping tonight is a bit better!
  • I always found that the steam thing didnt work on Zackys blocked nose. For a while Vicks worked for him though (put loads on a muslin and put it out of reach by the head of thier bed. When he was still in his moses basket we used to put a small pillow under his matress to raise his head (he would be virtually sitting up to sleep LOL), dont know what I would do now though as he is in his big cot and it would be damn near imposible to raise it LOL.

    Recently I have also put Vicks on his feet (a tip I read on here - thanx to whomever posted it , it works a treat), Also use Karvol now as well which I have also found good.

    And like everyone else has said , if you are concerned keep going back to the GP and if you feel fobbed off do what I did. Take LO to baby clinic and tell your HV that you are concerned and if the GP is at the same place as clinic they call them in and check LO out there and then (no not being able to get an appointment through the receptionists). Cheeky I know but it gets the job done.

    Hope its all over for you both soon. Get well soon.

    beck n Zacky.
  • my son as had afew cold since hes been born. they generally last about a week.
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